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Sir Walter: Perfect for Australian Climate

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but in a country with a climate like Australia’s, it’s hard to maintain a lush green lawn year round. Dry, hot summers mean yellow or dead grass or using a lot of water to maintain a nice colour, which is not only wasteful but also expensive. So, rather than using a cool season grass, which grows best within a temperature range of 10 to 25 degrees, most Australian Sir Walter_ Perfect for Australian Climatehouseholders prefer to use warm season grass. Warm season grasses, which grow best in temperatures ranging between 25 to 35 degrees, are better placed to endure the scorching conditions of an Australian summer, and then remain fertile throughout the winter months.

Bermuda grass and buffalo grass are two of the most commonly known and popular breeds of grass used in warmer climates. In Australia however, there is a breed of the third type of grass; buffalo turf, which has been bred specifically for the Australian climate. Sir Walter premium turf was developed in the 1990s in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, with the specific intention of being well-adapted to the weather conditions of Australia. Sir Walter has increased in popularity over time due to its’ ability to balance being an environmentally responsible breed of grass with being a more attractive, softer grass than other resilient grasses.

Sir Walter needs less water than many other types of grass, while still being able to tolerate droughts and intense sun. Because it is disease, weed and pest resistant, as well as self-repairing, it requires little maintenance. Usually creating this kind of resilience in a lawn grass would mean sacrificing aesthetic value and comfort, as more durable grasses generally are rougher to the touch and have thicker blades, but Sir Walter maintains a lush, dark green colour both in summer and winter, and has soft blades that are pleasant to touch.

If your lawn turns a browny-yellow in the summertime, or you’ve been forced to turn to a coarser grass that requires more water to stay healthy, you might consider replacing it with Sir Walter. When ordering your Sir Walter, make sure you buy it from a licensed grower like J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies.

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