A healthy lawn isn’t only attractive, they also provide our households with a number of environmental benefits.


On a hot day stand in the garden and then stand on the lawn; you will notice the cooling effect of your lawn. It has been estimated that the cooling effect of an average size lawn is equal to about 9 tons of air conditioning.


Athletic and playing fields covered with natural turf have been proven to be safer than artificial turfs. This is due to their softer and more natural texture cushioning falls and providing a safer surface than the harsh materials of astroturf.

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Like any plant, grass absorbs carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The average yard of turf absorbs carbon dioxide, capturing carbon and reducing our greatest greenhouse gas and produces enough oxygen for a family of 4.

Cleaner runoff into our creeks and rivers

Lawn have a natural ability to cleanse water. By running through lawns, the grass filters the pollutants from rainwater so that a cleaner form of water runs through into our creeks and rivers.

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Lawns clean the air that we breathe

Similar to its ability of filtering water, grass has a natural gift for cleansing the air we breathe. Turf traps much of the estimated tons of dust, pollen and dirt released annually into the atmosphere.

Keeps the topsoil in place

Up to 90% of the weight of grass is found in its roots, making it weight for holding down the topsoil. As it covers and anchors the topsoil, lawns have proven very efficient in stabilising soil and preventing erosion.

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Lawns do not harm the environment

Artificial turf is a contributing cause of harm to the environment due to run-off and chemicals leached out of the infill. However, natural turf is a living plant that contributes and adds to the environment.

The Ideal Erosion Control Solution

Turf is one of the most cost-effective methods to control water and wind erosion of soil, reducing dust and mud problems around homes, schools, factories and businesses.

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Benefits of Natural Grass

Looking to discover the benefits of having natural grass? Read below to see why you should buy real turf for your property.

Oxygen generation

Oxygen generation

Soil Erosion Control

Soil erosion control

Dust stabilization

Dust stabilization

Water Filtration

Water filtration/purification

Rainwater Entrapment

Rainwater entrapment for groundwater replenishment

Flood Control

Flood control through decrease runoff

Air Pollution Control

Air pollution control

Enhanced entrapment

Enhanced entrapment and biodegradation of synthetic organic compounds

Greenhouse Gases

Reduced Greenhouse gases

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