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Are you looking to maintain your Sir Walter turf? Well, lucky for you, Sir Walter is one of the most low-maintenance grasses available on the market. Requiring less attention than its competitors, you’ll find this turf variety will have you taking care of it less.

In saying that, as it grows in the harsh Australian climate, Sir Walter will still need occasional attention to continue thriving.

Maintaining Sir Walter in autumn and winter

Maintaining Sir Walter in autumn and winter

Due to the Australian colder months being reasonably temperate compared to other regions, warm-season grass Sir Walter will stay stable during winter and autumn. As a buffalo variety, it is common for Sir Walter to become dormant during winter. But here are a few tips to ensure it comes back greener than ever:

Aerate your lawn for oxygen

Aerate your lawn for oxygen

It is essential to set your lawn up for the colder months by preparing in autumn. This means aerating your lawn to help oxygen and water reach the roots, maintaining it for the upcoming colder season.

Less mowing to dormant grass

Less mowing to dormant grass

As Sir Walter grows slower in the colder weather, you will need to mow your lawn less and less, even as little as once a month! But when you do so, make sure you mow your grass at a height of 50-60mm to avoid weakening the grass.

Avoid feeding and watering

Avoid feeding and watering

Fertilising and dethatching should also be done in autumn to ensure you are strengthening your lawn to survive the cold climate and occasional frost brought by winter. As for watering, you will need to rarely water during the winter and only when required in autumn.

Maintaining Sir Walter in spring and summer

Maintaining Sir Walter in spring and summer

Bred in Australia with the intention of surviving the brutal Australian heat, you will find your Sir Walter grows well in the warmer months. To maintain its health during summer and spring, here are some tips to go by:

Water more in warmer weather

Water more in warmer weather

As a warm-season grass, it is extremely drought-resistant, making it ideal for those frequent Australian droughts. This means it will require more water in summer—around one to two times a week—to maintain its colour and health.

Increasing mowing schedule

Increasing mowing schedule

To fight off any thatch, it is recommended you regularly mow your lawn in the summer. As the weather gets warmer, your Sir Walter grows faster. This means you will need to mow your lawn more regularly – up to once a week at the peak of summer.

Fertilise every two months

Fertilise every two months

When it comes to fertilising your lawn in the warmer months, you will find it requires slightly more attention than autumn and winter. You should fertilise every two months, with your first in early spring and the other in mid-summer.

What is the best buffalo grass fertiliser?

If you’re looking for a buffalo lawn fertiliser, we recommend purchasing a slow-releasing one. This way, nutrients are released into the soil slowly, providing a long-lasting impact that will help your turf last.

Not sure which Sir Walter fertiliser you should invest in? We recommend the Lawn Solutions Fertiliser. Packed with essential nutrients, this premium lawn food will help your Sir Walter achieve the best health possible. For more information, speak to one of our professionals by giving us a call on 1800 668 786.


When you order from J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you are buying from a credited supplier who provides top of the line turf that is backed by extensive research and world-leading turf farmers. Striving to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you will receive quality turf.

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Sir Walter DNA Certified

The DNA Certified stamp ensures it is the genuine Sir Walter turf variety.

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Genetic Assured Purity

Being AusGAP certified guarantees our turf is genuine in genetic purity.

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Accredited Turf Grower

An accredited Lawn Solutions Australia supplier, we only provide quality turf.

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Ten-Year Product Warranty

Our turf comes with a ten-year product warranty ensuring peace of mind.

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Have maintenance related questions about Sir Walter turf? We answer the top asked questions below.

  • How do I top-dress Sir Walter lawn?
  • When it comes to top-dressing your Sir Walter lawn, we recommend spreading a top-dressing soil mix across your lawn with a shovel. This should be done during the active season when your grass is growing. For turf supplies such as top-dressing, speak to our friendly staff and we can help you find the best quality supplies for your lawn.

  • When is the best time to fertilise my Sir Walter lawn?
  • The best time to fertilise your Sir Walter lawn in Sydney and in other Australian cities is in autumn. Due to steady active growing from the previous season, you will be able to prepare your grass for winter with a feed in this stage. It is also the peak growing period for Sir Walter.

    Furthermore, giving it a feed when you are well into spring and halfway through summer will maintain a healthy growth all year round.

  • What type of grass is Sir Walter?
  • Our Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is part of the Buffalo grass family. Naturalised here in Australia, this Buffalo variety is perfect for the Australian weather.

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