How does the standard Buffalo turf variety differ from Sir Walter?

The Buffalo turf variety is Australia’s favourite grass, and for good reason. It’s a variety that has been bred for Australian conditions, and as such, it is one of the few types of grass able to handle the extremes that this country’s climate can serve up.

But how exactly does it differ from the grass that it was bred from? What’s the difference between Sir Walter buffalo and the standard buffalo that many Aussies had in their backyards for decades?

While Sir Walter differs from standard buffalo in quite a few ways, there are three that stand out more than the rest.

No more itch

Standard buffalo has a reputation for being coarse and itchy grass. This is due to the shape of the leaf – buffalo features microscopic jagged edges along with its blades, a bit like teeth. This results in irritation to any skin that comes into contact with it, particularly that of children.

Sir Walter has been bred as a soft leaf buffalo, meaning that these edges have been smoothed out in the breeding process. If you own Sir Walter you can roll around on it to your heart’s content!

More resistant to wear and tear

Sir Walter buffalo has also been bred to be more resilient to traffic. It is one of the quickest growing buffalo varieties available and thus can self-repair in a very short amount of time. If your turf is going to experience high levels of traffic, you can’t beat Sir Walter.

Better in extremes

Finally, Sir Walter has been bred as a grass that can handle the extremes of the Australian climate. While standard buffalo is naturally tough and resilient, it will still struggle if exposed to excessive frosts, heat or dry periods. Sir Walter, on the other hand, is extremely drought tolerant and will stay green all year round.

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