We answer the most frequently asked questions below.

  • What sort of turf grass is right for my requirements?
  • On our Turf Varieties page, we go through all the various turf grasses and what they are best for. Take a look to see which one would better suit your needs and criteria.

  • How do I get on with looking after my new lawn if water restrictions are reintroduced?
  • In the case of water restrictions, residential customers with new or renovated homes usually have exemptions to protect their new turf.

    To find out about any current water restrictions, residential customers should contact Sydney Water on 13 20 92 during business hours and select ‘Option 2 for Water Restrictions’.

  • What is the approximate price of turf?
  • Prices will vary with turf type. Contact us for an obligation-free quote. You can also find the price of the turf you are interested in by looking at its independent turf variety page.

  • Does Buffalo Turf provide turf installation services or do you just supply the turf?
  • We supply and lay the turf, we do not do any of the preparation work but we can put you in contact with somebody who does all this.

  • Do you deliver your turf?
  • Yes, if you buy from us directly, we can provide delivery across the Sydney region. We currently offer contactless delivery to give you peace of mind. This means we will deliver your turf straight to your property with zero physical contact.

    We can provide next-day delivery if you purchase the day before. Also if you choose, for an extra cost we can also include installation.

  • How big are the rolls of turf and how much do they weigh?
  • The usual roll size is 1.7 metres long and 0.6 metres wide (totaling 1 square metre). The weight will vary from 10 kg to 15 kg depending on variety and weather. If we have had rain, this will add to the weight.

  • I don’t have much spare time to do this can you provide help?
  • We work closely with others in the landscape business and can recommend professional landscapers to prepare and lay your new lawn, just contact us.

  • My lawn is only postage stamp size, can you help with this?
  • Certainly, no order is too big or too small for J&B Buffalo Turf. We like to deliver all our customers with a stunning new lawn. In order to guarantee we can cater to all sizes; we sell our turf in square metres to make this easy for both those with a big or small area.

  • Do I have to lay the lawn immediately or can I leave it for a few days?
  • Turf is a living, breathing plant and needs to be installed immediately when it is delivered. The turf needs to be bought into contact with the topsoil and moisture as soon as possible.

  • Can you supply turf all year round?
  • Absolutely. As we are located on the Hawkesbury/Nepean River we have an excellent supply of water so we are not affected by drought weather conditions and our turf can be grown under premium conditions. This means you are getting the best turf possible.

  • When is the best time to lay our new lawn?
  • Your new lawn can be laid at any time of the year.

    • A lawn put down in down in warmer weather will require more water and will take root quicker.
    • In the cooler months your lawn will not require as much water but will take longer to get established.
  • Will I be able to prepare and lay my lawn? How much outside help will I need?
  • We can provide you with all the information and instructions you need to get the best results from our turf. With our step-by-step plan, we take you from the preparation of your land right through to the laying and maintenance of your lawn for the following years.

  • Will I be able to talk to someone should I run into any problems?
  • We don’t think you will have any problems but you can be assured we are certainly available for hands on advice. When you are successful at laying out turf then we are successful.

  • Does Buffalo Turf provide with warranty?
  • Absolutely! We strive to provide all our customers with high-quality turf to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, all of our turfs are backed by Lawn Solutions Australia and come with ten years warranty. If you are not happy with your turf, just give us a call.

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