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Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf Price

$16.00 per m2

You can easily buy turf online by entering how many square metres you need below.


  • Leaf blade
    Broad Leaf
  • Price
    $16.00 per m2
  • Shade Tolerance
  • Wear Tolerance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Weed resistance
  • Pest resistance
  • Low fertilisation
  • Overall performance
  • Overall appearance
  • Overall texture
  • Broad Leaf
  • $16.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $25.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $15.00 per m2
  • Medium Leaf
  • $11.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $7.70 per m2

    When you order from J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you are buying from a credited supplier who provides top of the line turf that is backed by extensive research and world-leading turf farmers. Striving to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you will receive quality turf.

    DNA Certified

    DNA Certified

    The DNA Certified stamp ensures it is the genuine Sir Walter turf variety.

    Genetic Assured Purity

    Genetic Assured Purity

    Being AusGAP certified guarantees our turf is genuine in genetic purity.

    Accredited Turf Grower

    Accredited Turf Grower

    An accredited Lawn Solutions Australia supplier, we only provide quality turf.

    Ten-Year Product Warranty

    Ten-Year Product Warranty

    Our turf comes with a ten-year product warranty ensuring peace of mind.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Interested in learning about Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf’s price and other relevant costs? Below, we outline the cost of this popular turf variety.

    • How much does Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf cost?
    • The price of Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is $20 per square metre. Offered at an affordable price, the cost of Sir Walter is incredibly reasonable considering the high-quality features this variety provides.

    • Can I buy Sir Walter Buffalo online or do I need to call and visit?
    • Yes, we are proud to sell all of our turf varieties, including Sir Walter, online! Although you can still call us, you can purchase your Sir Walter order through our website within minutes. Quick and easy, our buy turf online function is simple and allows you to get an obligation-free quote on the spot.

    • I’ve seen a competitor offer a lower price for Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. Can you price match?
    • With Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf already offered at a great price, we do not need to price match.

      Despite plenty of imitations out there you can be guaranteed as a member of Lawn Solutions Australia the quality of our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is number one, so why go anywhere else?

    • Is there any special discount available for bulk Sir Walter Buffalo turf orders?
    • We already offer a competitive price on our top quality turf; however, trade price is available for landscapers and builders upon supplying their full business name and ABN.

      When you order a certain bulk amount of turf, you will automatically receive a discounted delivery fee. For all orders 100 square metres or over, the delivery price will drop from $90.00 to $55.00, being slashed by nearly half the price.

    • Will there be any other fees on top of my Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo order?
    • The additional fees on top of the Sir Walter cost will depend on whether you pick up or get your order delivered. With our online ordering function, you can see these additional transparent fees with an obligation-free quote.

      For all orders, a standard credit card surcharge will be included to your order.

      If you prefer to have your order delivered, there will be an additional shipping and handling cost charged. An additional surcharge may also be added for small orders due to our $200.00 minimum for orders delivered.

      Please note, shipping and taxes are estimated based on the billing and shipping information. This will be updated during checkout when you make a purchase.

      If you want the turf installed, we can also provide this service for an extra cost.

    • When can I get my Sir Walter Buffalo delivered?
    • Delivery for your Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf order can be scheduled on a day most suitable to you between Monday – Saturday.

      We can also offer next day delivery (Sydney metro) for orders placed before 10 am.

    • How much does delivery cost for my Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo?
    • The price of delivery can change depending on your order size. The standard delivery cost is $90.00 for orders 99 square metres and under.

      For orders 100 square metres and over, the delivery cost is discounted down to $55.00.

    • Is ordering through J&B Buffalo turf safe and secure?
    • Yes, most definitely! We ensure all information remains safe and secure, so you can feel confident your personal information and card details are kept confidential.

      All online payments are processed through the credible Westpac Payway, which is provided by our choice bank Westpac.

    • Do you offer contactless delivery for Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo orders?
    • Yes, our contactless delivery is certainly included with all Sir Walter orders made for delivery. We prioritise the wellbeing and health of both our customers and staff, striving to provide a COVID-safe environment.

      If you have paid for delivery on your order, you will automatically receive contactless delivery for no additional charge. Your order is left in a safe place as directed and we will digitally send you the receipt. This way, you can get your order without leaving the house and still maintain social distancing.

      See More FAQs

    Buy Sir Walter Turf Now

    Ready to give your lawn a whole new look? Order the amount you need and you’ll have fresh Sir Walter grass in no time.

    $16.00 per m2 m2 Add to Cart
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