When it comes to mowing your Sir Walter, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Many contributing factors, including how often you mow and the height you mow it with, to can play a significant part in the health of your buffalo lawn.

Mowing a Sir Walter Lawn

Mowing New Grass

Have you recently purchased brand new Sir Walter grass? We recommend waiting a while before you give it its first mow. This usually would happen when the lawn reaches around a height of six centimetres.

You should ensure your grass is firmly established and rooted, avoiding any potential damage. A handy way to determine if your lawn has taken root is to try and lift it up. If you can lift it up, you should not proceed

man mowing a lawn

Ideal Mowing Height

When mowing your Sir Walter, it is recommended you keep your buffalo grass to a height of 50mm. However, if you find there are spots where shade is more prominent or the weather is cooler, you can allow your grass to grow taller.

During summer, the harsh climate can cause a growth issue. Therefore, it is ideal to raise your blades, allowing your grass to get a little taller during the warmer months.

You should never cut your grass to a height below 40mm. Mowing too close can reduce the root growth of your lawn. Also, short grass does not cope in harsh conditions as it can’t absorb the right amount of water it needs.

a man mowing his lawn with the mowing vehicle

How often should you mow?

As mentioned earlier, you should not be mowing your grass too low. Additional to the mowing height, the number of times you mow should also be monitored too. You should ensure it is mowed enough so it doesn’t go out of control.

A good rule of thumb is to mow it once a week during summer when it has been established. As it is the season for active growing, your Sir Walter will tend to grow quickly.

As it gets colder, your buffalo grass will slow down, meaning you will be mowing it less in autumn and winter.


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