Are you looking for tips on caring for your Sir Walter lawn? When it comes to the sturdy Sir Walter, you will find you will be taking care of it much less than its competitors. Not only is it an independent turf variety, but Sir Walter also has a low maintenance requirement. But just like any lawn, you can still do a few things to ensure your lawn is performing that extra bit more.

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To avoid thatch build-up, you should mow your Sir Walter turf often. This includes once a month in winter to weekly in the hotter months. This will also encourage healthy growth and reduce potential damage and scalping.

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To ensure quality turf all year round, we recommend fertilising your Sir Walter on a two-month regimen from spring through to autumn. It is crucial to not over-fertilise, following the manufacturer’s recommended instructions.

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A frequent healthy watering is highly important when caring for your Sir Walter. This should be consistent, with a weekly water in the warmer months done first thing in the morning, and little to no watering in winter.

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Freshly mowed lawn in part shade


With a proven shade tolerance, Sir Walter can live off only a few hours of sunlight a day. However, to encourage healthy growth in winter, it is recommended pruning back any trees and bushes to enhance the level of sun exposure your lawn receives.

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Sir Walter can sometimes experience a build-up of thatch. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy lawn and as part of usual care, your Sir Walter grass should be cut short once or twice a year. This way, you can help limit any thatch that may start to appear.

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To help maintain or restore its health, an iron supplement can go a long way for a Sir Walter lawn. Applying the iron supplements in late autumn, and allowing it to soak right before winter, can help your lawn regain its colour and survive the colder season.


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