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    Introducing Zoysia Australis, with superior wear tolerance, shade resilience, and low maintenance—perfect for Aussie families, commercial spaces, and golf courses alike.

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Zoysia Australis is Zoysia, Redefined

Zoysia Australis is a tough and hardy, medium-textured Zoysia japonica with a beautiful blue/green leaf. It’s a new Zoysia variety that provides solutions for Aussie families with its ability to be installed in a wide range of areas. It can stand up to the stresses of a family and pets and has shade tolerance to thrive where other grasses falter.

Zoysia Australis has superior wear tolerance and recovery when compared with other zoysia and is a great alternative to other commonly available warm season grasses.


  • Leaf blade
    Fine Leaf
  • Price
    $15.00 per m2
  • Shade Tolerance
  • Wear Tolerance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Weed resistance
  • Pest resistance
  • Low fertilisation
  • Overall performance
  • Overall appearance
  • Overall texture
  • Broad Leaf
  • $15.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $15.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $25.00 per m2
  • Medium Leaf
  • $8.80 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $7.70 per m2
  • A Versatile All-Rounder

    Perfect for domestic, commercial, golf course tee to green surrounds, roadsides, and areas of medium to high shade tolerance. Variety is low maintenance and requires minimal nutrient and irrigation application once established. Suitable for most applications and can be left unmown for 12 months reaching a maximum leaf height of 60 – 80 mm.

    Low Maintenance

    With a strong rhizome growth and deep root system, Zoysia Australis is disease resistant.  With its fast establishment Zoysia Australis has a good wear tolerance and self-repairing.

    Zoysia Australis was bred by the world’s best

    Dr Brian Schwartz bred Zoysia Australis at the world-famous University of Georgia, Tifton Campus. Dr Schwartz is renowned as the scientist behind the release of the highly successful TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda. Available exclusively from Lawn Solutions Australia Members, you can be sure Zoysia Australis has been tried and tested to stand up to the Australian climate.


    When you order from J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you are buying from a credited supplier who provides top of the line turf that is backed by extensive research and world-leading turf farmers. Striving to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you will receive quality turf.

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    Being AusGAP certified guarantees our turf is genuine in genetic purity.

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    Ten-Year Product Warranty

    Ten-Year Product Warranty

    Our turf comes with a ten-year product warranty ensuring peace of mind.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What sort of turf grass is right for my requirements?
    • On our Turf Varieties page, we go through all the various turf grasses and what they are best for.

    • How do I know how much turf to order?
    • Turf is measured in square metres and our no-obligation quotes are calculated in square metres.

    • What is the approximate price of turf?
    • Prices will vary with turf type. Contact us for an obligation-free quote.

    • Do you deliver your turf?
    • You buy direct from us and we do the delivery.

    • How big are the rolls of turf and how much do they weigh?
    • The usual roll size is 1.7 metres long and 0.6 metres wide (totaling 1 square metre). The weight will vary from 10 kg to 15 kg depending on variety and weather. If we have had rain, this will add to the weight.

    • I don't have much spare time to do this can you provide help?
    • We work closely with others in the landscape business and can recommend professional landscapers to prepare and lay your new lawn, just contact us.

    • My lawn is only postage stamp size, can you help with this?
    • No order is too big or too small.

    • What sort of lead time is required for delivery of my order?
    • You tell us when you want it delivered. Next day delivery can also be made for your convenience.

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    Buy Zoysia Australis Turf Now

    Ready to give your lawn a whole new look? Order the amount you need and you’ll have fresh Zoysia Australis Turf grass in no time.

    $15.00 per m2 m2 Add to Cart
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