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How much does Sir Walter turf cost per square metre?

How much does Sir Walter turf cost per square metre

If you want a beautiful, resilient and Australian lawn, it isn’t easy to look past Sir Walter Buffalo turf. For over 20 years, this lush and hard lawn has been the gold standard for turf varieties, and its benefits have been the reason for its appreciation across the nation. However, the success of Sir Walter’s buffalo lawn has resulted in many other turf farmers developing their varieties. As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to find buffalo turf that is both genetically pure and of high quality.

What is the price of Sir Walter Buffalo?

Sir Walter Buffalo grassSir Walter DNA Certified turf costs $15.00 per square metre*. To ensure you’re getting the highest quality buffalo grass at the best price, J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies has partnered with the authority on this variety, Lawn Solutions Australia, to provide you with genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf. With this partnership, J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies can guarantee your Sir Walter turf is made with genetic purity and is covered by a 10-year warranty. As well as this, we also provide our $90 delivery fee, no matter how big your purchase is or where in Sydney you are based.

Our promise to you

Know that when you buy your Sir Walter through us, we strive to give you the best experience possible. This means no matter the size of your lawn. We can still serve you with quality Sir Walter grass backed by Lawn Solutions Australia. As we price by square metre, this guarantees you the ability to purchase a reliably estimated amount of turf for your property, whether small or large. 

Sir Walter turf

To top it off, we make our pricing per square metre realistic and affordable to ensure we deliver our customers with an ideal price that won’t leave them high and dry. As one of Sydney’s leading turf suppliers, our Sir Walter buffalo price is highly favoured compared to our competitors and other varieties on the market.

For such a high-quality turf, our Sir Walter price is much more affordable than other varieties that share similar qualities but are going for double the price, such as Sir Grange. Not only that, but being drought tolerant, it is also better suited for Australian lawns compared to TifTuf grass, which lacks the same strength but is still sold at the same price per square metre. And even though it is slightly more expensive than Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu turf, Sir Walter is worth the extra cost because it offers many more features and notable qualities.

When it comes to facing competitors on the market, such as artificial grass, Sir Walter is a strong contender. This buffalo turf not only delivers you the natural qualities that artificial turf can’t give your lawn, but it is also offered at a more reasonable price. For example, at J&B Turf Supplies, we sell Sir Walter for $15.00 per square metre, but artificial turf will, on average, go for more than triple the price for the same size.

Why choose Sir Walter

With J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you know that you’re getting the highest quality Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn, and you’ll be able to reap its many benefits. These benefits include its strong resistance to the weather, salt and diseases. This makes it perfect for properties that are around water or most Australian properties that experience the unpredictable and extreme climates of our tough nation.

It is also highly weed resistant due to its tight growth habit. This means you will hardly find any weeds disturbing your natural turf, and you will only spend a little time trying to combat weed outbreaks. This feature will also limit the risk of bare patches appearing across your yard.

Another notable quality it has is that it is low-allergenic and recommended for children! Because Sir Walter is a warm-season grass and produces little seed heads, its thick qualities can break down the pollen it collects. This means that with this turf on your property, you are less likely to be affected by allergy symptoms. 

Among its great qualities and affordable price, Sir Walter Buffalo grass is lush due to its soft leaves. It’s also self-repairing grass and requires very little maintenance, meaning your lawn will very easily maintain the lush green look it had the day it was laid.

Further emphasising how little maintenance this turf will need, you’ll find that Sir Walter will require less water compared to other turf varieties. You won’t only save your time, but you will also save water. This, paired with its soft texture and reasonable price, makes it the perfect lawn solution for you and your family!

FAQs about Sir Walter’s price

  • How much does Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf cost?
  • The price of Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is $15 per square metre. Offered at an affordable price, the cost of Sir Walter is incredibly reasonable considering the high-quality features this variety provides.

  • Can I buy Sir Walter Buffalo online or do I need to call and visit?
  • Yes, we proudly sell all our turf varieties, including Sir Walter, online! Although you can still call us, you can purchase your Sir Walter order through our website within minutes. Quick and easy, our buy turf online function is simple and allows you to get an obligation-free quote on the spot.

  • I’ve seen a competitor offer a lower price for Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. Can you price match?
  • With Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf already offered at a great price, we do not need to price match.

    Despite plenty of imitations out there, you can be guaranteed, as a member of Lawn Solutions Australia, the quality of our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is number one, so why go anywhere else?

  • Is there any special discount available for bulk Sir Walter Buffalo turf orders?
  • We already offer a competitive price on our top-quality turf; however, a trade price is available for landscapers and builders upon supplying their full business name and ABN.

    You will automatically receive a discounted delivery fee when you order a specific bulk of turf. For all orders 100 square metres or more, feel free to contact us and see what we can do.

  • Will there be any other fees on top of my Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo order?
  • The additional fees on top of the Sir Walter cost will depend on whether you pick up or get your order delivered. With our online ordering function, you can see these additional transparent fees with an obligation-free quote.

    For all orders, a standard credit card surcharge will be included..

    If you prefer to have your order delivered, an additional shipping and handling cost will be charged. An additional surcharge may also be added for small orders due to our $200.00 minimum for orders delivered.

    Please note shipping and taxes are estimated based on the billing and shipping information. This will be updated during checkout when you make a purchase.

    If you want the turf installed, we can also provide this service for an extra cost.

  • When can I get my Sir Walter Buffalo delivered?
  • Yes, if you buy from us directly, we can provide delivery across the Sydney region, Wollongong and Central Coast suburbs. Delivery for your Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf order can be scheduled on a day most suitable to you between Monday – Saturday.We currently offer contactless delivery to give you peace of mind. This means we will deliver your turf straight to your property with zero physical contact.

    We can also offer next day delivery (Sydney metro) for orders placed before 10 am. 

  • How much does delivery cost for my Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo?
  • The price of delivery can change depending on your order size. The standard delivery cost is $90.00 for orders 99 square metres and under.

    For orders 100 square metres and over, the delivery cost is discounted down to $55.00.

  • Is ordering through J&B Buffalo turf safe and secure?
  • Yes, most definitely! We ensure all information remains safe and secure, so you can feel confident your personal information and card details are kept confidential.

    All online payments are processed through the credible Westpac Payway, which is provided by our choice bank Westpac.

  • How much does turf installation cost?
  • The price of Sir Walter turf installation will vary depending on your property and the access to the area. Please note the cost of installation is separate from the obligation-free quote.

    For a good idea of the cost, please call our friendly staff on 1800 668 786 to discuss your situation.

  • Is the cost of laying the turf built into the quote or is this quoted separately?
  • The price of your turf is a separate quote from the installation fee. This is because the installation cost varies depending on the site and access to the area.

  • My lawn is only small, can you help with this?
  • No job is too big or too small, and we understand that even the tiniest backyards deserve the best turf supplies, shade tolerant, low maintenance and drought-resistant grass.

    Our turf is available in square metres to make even the smallest lawn beautiful and simple to create.

  • The number of turf rolls you need will change depending on the area size you plan on covering. A roll of turf is usually 1.7 metres long and 0.6 metres wide, making it a total of 1 square metre.

    Due to a single turf roll being estimated in square metres, our no-obligation quotes are calculated this way. By measuring the size of your lawn, you will be able to calculate the number of square metres covered, and in turn, how many rolls of turf you will need.

  • What sort of lead time is required for delivery of my order?
  • To ensure total convenience for our customers, we allow you to tell us when you want it delivered. This way you have control and can organise the turf to be delivered at a convenient time for you. Depending on stock and availability, you can have your turf delivered the next day you order.

  • Absolutely. Just let us know how much turf you need and we can advise you on the size of vehicle you will need.

  • Do you do farm gate sales?
  • No, but you are very welcome to come and visit our farms. We are very proud of our farms, and you can find us at 83 Ridges Lane, Richmond, 602 and 686 Castlereagh Road, Agnes banks and off Springwood Road, Agnes Banks. We have over 200 acres of turf.

Call us for the best Sir Walter Buffalo price

At J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, we’re proud of our partnership with Lawn Solutions Australia. We’re glad to provide you with this high-quality, Australian-grown turf complete with Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10-year warranty.

With the 10-year warranty, we are committed to ensuring our customers are delighted. This warranty proves how we trust you’ll love Sir Walter Buffalo and the performance and lifespan of the grass we provide you with.

Further supporting our devotion to our customers, we can provide all customers with a one-week water restriction exemption on all new Sir Walter purchases. They can potentially be granted a further seven-week exemption from Sydney Water! To find out more, read our recent water restrictions blog.

Are you after turf supplies and installation? Give us a call! For an extra fee, we can conveniently deliver your Sir Walter order to your Sydney or Wollongong suburb AND install it. This way, you know your Sir Walter wasn’t just bought at the best price but is also being installed professionally!

If you want some of Sydney’s best Sir Walter buffalo lawn at a great price, talk to us today or visit our online store.

* Prices are subject to change. This is the current price as of the 27th of April 2023.

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