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    Stacked with incredible features and a luscious appearance, Sir Grange is already a national favourite that is ideal for the lawns of homes that receive full sun exposure.

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Sir Grange is a successful product of these turf grass breeders and makes one of the prettiest looking lawns on the market. It is renowned for being tolerant, low maintenance and lush looking, making it one of the most desirable turf varieties available.

Sir Grange Zoysia was originally developed for the golf industry but it was soon discovered that its many great qualities made it a fantastic fit for a home lawn. Its adaptability to a number of climates and conditions as well as its beautiful dark green leaf have seen it become the #1 selling Zoysia grass in the USA.


  • Leaf blade
    Fine Leaf
  • Price
    $25.00 per m2
  • Shade Tolerance
  • Wear Tolerance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Weed resistance
  • Pest resistance
  • Low fertilisation
  • Overall performance
  • Overall appearance
  • Overall texture
  • Broad Leaf
  • $15.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $15.00 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $15.00 per m2
  • Medium Leaf
  • $8.80 per m2
  • Fine Leaf
  • $7.70 per m2
  • How does Sir Grange perform?

    When it comes to performance, your Sir Grange is sure to beat any competitor. With a natural dark green colour, this grass is made of thin blades that offer a clean and neat texture. The appearance, matched with its strong features, means this turf will maintain its clean look all year round!

    Extremely pest and weed resistant, your lawn will stay untouched and manicured, unlike a couch variety. Its high wear tolerance and self-repairing trait will leave your lawn resilient and be able to combat any threats it may encounter.

    Maintaining Sir Grange lawns

    If you are concerned about maintaining your Sir Grange lawn, you have nothing to worry about! Equipped with high drought tolerance and a decent shade tolerance, this turf variety will require very little maintenance compared to its competitors.

    Not only will you be mowing this variety less, thanks to its slow growth, but you will also need to water it less. With a heat and drought tolerance that outranks the Australian-bred Sir Walter, you won’t need to water it as much in the summer and can stress less during droughts.

    Sir Grange is now a national favourite

    Created through an extensive research and development (R&D) program, Sir Grange has quickly become a leading turf variety. This program consists of partnerships with some of the top turfgrass research facilities in the world and is ran by leading Australian turf farmers who belong to the Lawn Solutions Australia network.

    Backed with plenty of research and being specifically hand-selected from over 10,000 different turf varieties due to its strong attributes, these breeders were able to successfully create Sir Grange. Tried and tested, it is clear to see why this turf is now a national favourite.


    When you order from J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you are buying from a credited supplier who provides top of the line turf that is backed by extensive research and world-leading turf farmers. Striving to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you will receive quality turf.

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    Ten-Year Product Warranty

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have any questions? We have gathered the top questions we received about Sir Grange Turf and answered them for you.

    • What type of property would Sir Grange suit?
    • Created for the golf industry, Sir Grange will be perfect for both commercial and residential properties due to its superior qualities and manicured appearance. It has a high wear tolerance and will self-repair once damaged.

    • What type of grass is Sir Grange?
    • Sir Grange is a part of the Zoysia family. It was originally created in the USA with the purpose of being the ideal turf for golf courses. It is also the most shade-tolerant of the Zoysia grass range. It is now the number-one selling Zoysia grass in the USA! 

    • Is Sir Grange high maintenance?
    • No, it has slower growth and can withstand harsh weather.

    • Can you deliver my Sir Grange turf?
    • Certainly! We understand that many customers don’t have the time to pick up their Sir Grange. That is why we offer delivery services across Sydney and Wollongong suburbs! For an extra fee, we can conveniently deliver your turf right to your door.

    • What is the price of Sir Grange turf?
    • At J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, we like to deliver to our customers at prices that are affordable and attractive. When you order Sir Grange, you will surely get what you pay for! Even our customers rave that it is worth the money. Currently, we sell Sir Grange Turf for per square metre.

    • How does Sir Grange perform in Summer and Winter?
    • Sir Grange turf will survive in the hot season. With a high heat and drought tolerance, this turf variety is sure to get through the harsh Australian climate. To make the most out of your Sir Grange turf, it is recommended you water your lawn once or twice a week during the summer months.

      As for the Winter, Sir Grange turf can survive sub-freezing temperatures and through frost.

    • How much sun does Sir Grange turf need?
    • Sir Grange will only need three hours of sun a day due to its high shade tolerance.

    • Does Sir Grange grow quick?
    • No. Even at its healthiest, Sir Grange turf grows slower than other turfs.

    • How does Sir Grange feel?
    • Due to its thin blades, Sir Grange grass has a soft, luscious texture.

    • Can you lay my Sir Grange rolls?
    • Yes, we can! We know a lot of our customers like to enjoy their time off and the last thing they want to do after a long working week is lay their brand-new Sir Grange turf! That is why, for an extra fee, we can offer our installation services for your convenience.

    • When should I order my Sir Grange?
    • You should order your Sir Grange turf during the early months of spring to take advantage of the active months. However, with this turf, you can lay it anytime during the year.

      With recent droughts, we recommend ordering your Sir Grange lawn in winter/early spring to help your grass take root while it isn’t as warm, and rain is more frequent. This way, when summer comes around, your lawn has already been established and will require less water.

    • Does Sir Grange grass grow in shade?
    • Sir Grange turf can grow in shade as it has a 75% shade tolerance and is the most shade tolerant out of the Zoysia variety. It will only need three hours of direct sunlight per day.

    • How often should I mow my lawn?
    • Due to its slow growth, Sir Grange will need 50% less mowing than other turfs. We recommend mowing your grass once every 1-2 weeks in summer to once a month in winter, depending on your preference (some prefer not to mow at all through winter).

    • What are the water and nutrient requirements for Sir Grange?
    • Due to its minimal maintenance, Sir Grange has low nutrient and water requirements.

      It should get one to two deep waterings a week in the hotter seasons depending on your water restrictions, and little to no watering during the colder seasons. It will also need to be regularly watered when establishing. 

      As for nutrients, this grass will need a third of the fertiliser used on competitors. We recommend fertilising between the start of spring and during mid-summer.

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    Ready to give your lawn a whole new look? Order the amount you need and you’ll have fresh Sir Grange grass in no time.

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