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Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo – the finest local turf that’s proven to go anywhere and grow anywhere. Born and bred in Australia, this is a crowd favourite nationwide thanks to its tough qualities and desired characteristics.
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$15.00 per m2

Tiftuf Bermuda Turf

TifTuf grass has a super fine leaf blade with thick growth, allowing it to be soft to touch with a stunning appearance. Due to its density and self-repairing trait, this grass is ideal for high traffic areas like sports fields and backyards.
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$15.00 per m2

Sir Grange Turf

Sir Grange is a fine-bladed premium turf variety which has moderate shade tolerance and very low nutrient and water needs. Being the top selling Zoysia grass in the USA, this grass has plenty of strong attributes.
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$25.00 per m2

Zoysia Australis Turf

Zoysia Australis is a tough and hardy, medium-textured Zoysia japonica with a beautiful blue/green leaf. It’s a new Zoysia variety that provides solutions for Aussie families with its ability to be installed in a wide range of areas.
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$15.00 per m2

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

A proven performer in Australian conditions, Eureka Kikuyu is suitable for home lawns, racecourses, parks, reserves and fairways. With a year-round self-maintenance attribute, this turf efficiently adapts to all climates.
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$8.80 per m2

Nullarbor Couch Turf

Nullarbor Couch Turf is a highly recommended grass suitable for sporting surfaces, residential or commercial projects in Sydney. With a high wear tolerance and a rapid recovery rate, this is a tough turf.
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$7.70 per m2
This variety is currently out of stock.

It’s never been easier to order turf 

Getting your hands on quality turf has never been easier with our simple online ordering system. If you want to order turf online and are located in  Sydney, the Central Coast or beyond, our lawn solutions and turf supplies are stocked and available for next day delivery near you. We pride ourselves on our range and ability to provide perfect lawn solutions. With our quick and reliable delivery – we don’t keep our customers waiting for the lawn they’ve been dreaming of.

You can rest assured that because your turf is grown, handled, packed and delivered by our own hands, leaving no room for error, you will be giving your new lawn the best possible start. Every variety of turf available is formulated to withstand most Australian climates, allowing you to have a perfectly manicured lawn year-round. Whether you need a lawn with high shade tolerance or a lawn suitable for full sun areas, we will have the best options for you. 

With a legacy of five generations of turf farming under our belt, we bring great service along with the best turf, delivered directly to your door from our 200 acres. Our turf is grown to be of the highest purity and is available in quantities from square footage for a small garden to maxi rolls for parks and stadiums. We only offer the newest and best varieties, ensuring that you will have what is up-to-date and of only the highest quality. 

Whether you need access to the best in Australian grass, or you need assistance to get the most from your lawn – we can help. 


The best lawn solutions, Australia wide. 

As one of Australia’s leading turf suppliers, we are excited to bring the opportunity to buy your new turf online to bring the lift and improvement to your property that it needs. Our wide variety includes variants for dense growth, soft leaf growth, very low lawn care requirements, low water requirements, and long-lasting performance. 

One of our most popular options is our Sir Walter Buffalo turf which is DNA Certified and formulated to grow anywhere in Australia. We are specialists in this all-rounder Australian turf that will serve you well in all types of weather, from winter through to summer. Whether you need a vigorous grower, a new turf packed full of essential nutrients, or a yard needing high shade tolerance overall, we will have turf for you. Thanks to our wide and diverse selection, your landscaping is guaranteed to be the best quality its ever been. 

As one of the countries leading turf suppliers, we are here to help deliver excellent lawn solutions. Additionally, we can offer advice on lawn care, the best defence against weeds or pests, and overall lawn maintenance to keep your garden as healthy as can be. Contact our friendly staff for advice on the best lawn for you or for lawn care products to maintain your turf. Online ordering has never been more simple, but if you’re struggling to select the right turf for your property, we are here to help you to make a perfect choice. 

Why Choose J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies

We pride ourselves in supplying prompt service and quality weed-free lawns. All our lawn is harvested with professional machinery and is cut fresh daily as per order. No turf supplier does it better than us!

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