Comparing Sir Walter to other turf varieties

Are you looking to compare Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf against the other common varieties on the market? Let us help! As the leading turf experts in Sydney, we understand what makes Sir Walter a standout compared to its competition.

To see why this buffalo turf is in a league of its own, check out our comparisons below.

Leaf blade
Broad Leaf
$15.00 per m2
Shade tolerance
Wear tolerance
Low maintenance
Drought tolerance
Heat tolerance
Weed resistance
Pest resistance
Low fertilisation
Overall performance
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Fine Leaf
$15.00 per m2
Fine Leaf
$7.70 per m2
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$8.80 per m2
$25.00 per m2

Sir Walter Buffalo Vs Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto buffalo is a similar grass but has a few key differences to the more established Sir Walter.

Let’s take a look at what makes these two varieties so different.

Sir Walter vs Palmetto Buffalo

Both of the buffalos love full sun, but Palmetto is slightly better at standing up against the unrelenting UV of this sunburnt country of ours. On the flipside, Sir Walter gets the points when it comes to shade tolerance. It is incredibly resilient against shade for a buffalo, making it perfect for those who have trees and shrubs overhanging the turf in their backyard.

While both varieties are once again fantastically drought tolerant when compared to standard turfs, Palmetto is slightly better at handling extended dry spells thanks to its deeper roots. In terms of wear and tear, however, Sir Walter comes out on top. As a slightly more aggressive and denser grower, it has been proven to bounce back time and time again against even the roughest of treatment.

Both of these grasses are warm season varieties, meaning that they grow best in balmy climates. But for those in the south, Sir Walter comes up trumps. This is thanks mainly to its greater shade tolerance, allowing it to retain its colour better during what is traditionally a cloudier time of year.

Sir Walter Buffalo Vs Eureka Kikuyu

When it comes to the Eureka Kikuyu, Sir Walter shares a few qualities but generally comes out on top overall.

Sir Walter vs Eureka Kikuyu

Whereas Sir Walter is extremely low maintenance, Eureka tends to require a little more attention. Due to its extremely fast growth, this turf will need to be cut and maintained more often to ensure a neat and satisfactory height.

Sir Walter has Eureka beaten when it comes to climate conditions. Handling drought and heat better, Sir Walter would be best for the harsh Australian conditions. However, in saying that, Eureka is still well suited to the unpredictable climate.

As for wear tolerance, both of these varieties come neck to neck and are suitable for high traffic areas that experience lots of use and wear. But overall, it is easy to see Sir Walter is the winning turf in this race.

Sir Walter Buffalo Vs Sir Grange

A turf variety that is a close competitor to Sir Walter, Sir Grange is near is many aspects.

Sir Walter vs Sir Grange

The shade and wear tolerance for both varieties are extremely close with both boosting a 75% shade tolerance rating. Their weed and pest resistance are also at the same level, with both combating weeds and pests just as easily as the other.

Overall their performance rating is equal, with the choice coming down to the overall preference of the buyer. The main difference between the two is that Sir Walter has soft broad-leaves that photosynthesise well compared to Sir Grange’s finer leaf.

Sir Walter Buffalo Vs Nullarbor Couch

When you compare Sir Walter to Nullarbor Couch, you’ll find there are multiple differences between the two turf varieties. For example, a Nullarbor lawn needs more attention when it comes to mowing and fertilising where a Sir Walter lawn is extremely low maintenance, needing little mowing and fertilising throughout the year.

Sir Walter vs Nullarbor Couch

Sir Walter is also stronger when it comes to combating weed and pests. Due to its tight growth habit, you’ll come close to never finding a pesky weed in your lawn. With higher weed and pest resistance ratings, the buffalo variety is much more sustainable compared to the couch turf.

A Sir Walter lawn will still thrive in both shady and hot conditions, where the Nullarbor isn’t as accustomed to shade or heated drought conditions. This means you’ll find your Sir Walter lawn will flourish better throughout the year compared to a lawn installed with Nullarbor Couch.

Sir Walter Buffalo Vs TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda grass is a strong competitor to Sir Walter with many features sharing the same level of strength. However, the two compete with each other where the other lacks.

Sir Walter vs TifTuf Bermuda

For example, TifTuf Bermuda is more acceptable to heat and drought conditions, where Sir Walter is far more tolerant of shade. But when it comes down to it, Sir Walter has a higher overall rating due to its additional superior attributes.

The additional features you inherit with a Sir Walter lawn is the self-repairing, low allergenic, fungus and weed resisting traits you won’t find in TifTuf lawns.

Are you ready to invest in Sir Walter? We invite you to order your turf online today to start organising your brand-new lawn. Or if you would like to talk to a turf professional, give our friendly staff a call on 1800 668 786 to learn more about this national favourite.

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