Bred with a purpose in mind, Sir Walter has become a crowd favourite – and for a good reason. With outstanding qualities and characteristics, it is no surprise this turf variety has an exceptional reputation.

With such a dedicated origin, Sir Walter buffalo was always set to take over Australian lawns.

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The Origin of Buffalo Turf

Thought to have originated from either Africa, the Americas or the Mediterranean, buffalo grass was first recorded growing in Australia in the 1820s. At first, buffalo lawns had a consistency of sharp leaf blades but soon evolved to have a dramatic change with each buffalo variety introduced.

Up to the mid-90s, several buffalo varieties were available in the market. While a lot of these varieties proved to have valuable features and a variety of strengths, not one turf was considered an all-rounder. Either lacking in colour retention or with a poor drawback, Australians needed outstanding grass that could perform despite the unpredictable and harsh climate.

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The Creation of Sir Walter

Due to this demand, the ultimate lawn solution was found in the mid-90s – Sir Walter Buffalo. Created by Brent Redman, this turf was developed in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, Australia to survive the extreme Australian weather while still looking good. Sir Walter is much softer than many before its time because it stems from one of the softer buffalo varieties to ever be produced.

Amongst its near-perfect qualities and appearance, Sir Walter buffalo turf was also sold at a great price which has been maintained since it first hit the market in 1997. With affordable prices and a polished reputation, it is no wonder this turf quickly became the top choice for properties around the country.


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