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Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Bring life back to your lawn with Sir Walter

In Sydney we often find ourselves experiencing a vast range of weather changes. With everything from hot to cold, humid to dry, it can be difficult for you to retain the liveliness of your yard. Sir Walter Buffalo turf is a durable and sustainable alternative to the ever-suffering brown grass that can drain the vivacity from your home’s physical appearance as well as your time, energy and money. Don’t stress about constantly maintaining your lawn – this Australian-bred grass is vibrant and green, self-repairing and friendly to any environment.

The minimal maintenance turf choice

With over 50 million metres of Sir Walter turf having been fitted since 1997, our success with Sir Walter is widespread thanks to its reputation as one of Australia’s most favoured turf varieties. Due to its ecological ability to grow in almost any environment (hot, dry, cold, humid and many more), Sir Walter turf can adapt perfectly to any Sydney yard. Not only is it self-sustaining, but it also requires minimal mowing, fertilizing and maintenance overall. This makes it the smart choice for people with a busy lifestyle, those with less mobility or even those who just like to know their lawn will always look good. Sir Walter turf is not rough on the skin and grows tightly – this helps prevent the spread of nasty weeds and unwanted plants. With low allergenic properties and resistance to diseases and fungi, it becomes excellent for children and pets in your home.

Where can you find Sir Walter Turf?

Providing a 10-year warranty and a certificate of authentication with every Sir Walter purchase, we at J & B Buffalo Turf Supplies encourage you to consider our turf as the new addition to your Sydney home. It is our aim to provide all customers with 100% satisfaction, so if Sir Walter buffalo sounds like the kind of turf suitable to your home and family then call us on 1800 668 786 for further information.

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