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Why Australians Love Sir Walter

Why Australians Love Sir Walter

Sir Walter offers plenty of good reasons aside from making your lawn look aesthetically appealing. It is equipped with many other features that are beneficial to the environment and the lifestyle of most Australian homeowners.

Sir Walter has been regarded as the best-selling grass in the country. It became so popular and a lot of purchasers find it as an excellent turf choice. Why is that? As turf growers ourselves, we have decided to gather up some of our own observations on Sir Walter Buffalo. Read on to see our findings.

  1. Sir Walter is an easy-to-care turf

Question: Sir Walter has been popular for its low-maintenance qualities. Is this true? It definitely is.

Sir Walter carries incredible key qualities that make it easy to maintain. It is a drought-tolerant grass which means it can grow even with minimal water. Since it is also resistant to pests, it only requires a little fertiliser and minimal mowing. If you are looking for a lawn that requires less work, Sir Walter is a good choice.

  1. Sir Walter grows well in full sun but will also thrive well in full shade

Sir Walter grows healthy in full sun but will also thrive in shady areas. Sir Walter’s roots grow deep in order to get moisture from the subsoil. Moisture is the key reason why Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has excellent health and makes its surroundings cool even in summer.

  1. Sir Walter is safe for kids and pets

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has a soft leaf texture that is ideal for children and pets to run and play on. Another benefit is, it’s non-allergenic, which means it doesn’t cause itchiness on the skin and reduces your chances of asthma or hay fever.

This turf variety is very resistant to pest and insect infestation—no wonder why most families choose Sir Walter for their home lawns.

  1. Sir Walter is a year-round lawn turf

Sir Walter is a grass variety that can withstand almost all harsh conditions. Typically, Sir Walter is a lawn grass that can stay thick and green throughout the year.

It has self-repair qualities which means it can regrow easily when damaged. This saves up a lot on growth fertilisers and other repair requirements leaving you more time to do other things.

If you need expert advice on how to maintain or where to get Sir Walter, call Buffalo Turf Suppliers on 1800 668 786.

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