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What makes Sir Grange a cut above the rest?

What makes Sir Grange a cut above the rest

With the number of turf varieties in the Australian market, it can be a confusing process to decide which would be the best turf for your lawn.

A new addition to the market is the Sir Grange turf. Sir Grange is new tough turf, making it a top competitor to other turf varieties.

Want to know how this turf measures against its competitors? Keep reading.


There is nothing worse than having to maintain your grass more than once. Whereas many other turf varieties require to be mowed and watered often. Sir Grange is an independent turf that needs little maintenance compared to other varieties

Sir Grange has a high drought tolerance, meaning it will need little to no watering in winter and can withstand the tough Australian climate in the warmer months. It has a high shade tolerance, requiring only three hours of direct sunlight a day which makes it the highest shade tolerant turf in the Zoysia family.

It will also require less mowing compared to certain competitors such as the Eureka Kikuyu turf at 50% less. As it has slow growth, you can push back mowing a little further than you could with other turfs. Plus, a great feature of Sir Grange is you can mow it at any level, depending on what you prefer, unlike other varieties that need certain levels of mowing.

Maintenance of Sir Grange vs other turf varieties


One of the most attractive features of Sir Grange turf is its appearance. Sir Grange grass has a beautiful dark green colour that will produce a vibrant look to any home. It is made up of fine blades which gives it a very soft feel. Its soft texture makes it great for families who have children and pets that often play in the backyard.



This turf was originally developed in the USA for golf courses and was brought into the market for residential use due to high demand. Therefore, it is no surprise this turf variety is easier in the eyes compared to thicker varieties like the TifTuf Bermuda grass. The fact that it was originally made for such a neat and manicured landscape makes it a far more visually appealing turf compared to other varieties.

Appearance of Sir Grange vs other turf varieties


The qualities of the Sir Grange turf should be enough evidence that this is the type of grass you want on your lawn. Its qualities hold a consistently high rating, proving its strength and durability.

Another important quality of this turf is its resistance to pests and weeds. As it is supported and certified by Lawn Solutions Australia, both properties have been given a five-star rating which is a much higher rating compared to other varieties.

As mentioned before, this turf has a high shade and drought tolerance, and it also has a high heat tolerance; emphasising its resistance to the hot Australian summer. It can survive through winter, holding up well in the face of sub-freezing temperatures. These qualities make Sir Grange turf the best choice for all properties in Australia no matter what the climate is.

Sir Grange also has a very low need for fertilisation compared to other turfs such as the Nullarbor Couch. This contributes to its low maintenance level. Another great quality is that this turf also has a high wear tolerance. This makes it a highly recommended turf for gardens and properties that have a lot of traffic.

It is also self-repairing, allowing it to fix itself once damaged, making it not only a great fit for residential but also commercial properties. Furthermore, it is a low allergenic turf, keeping your family happy and healthy.

Qualities of Sir Grange vs other turf varieties

How do other varieties stack?

Considering the above traits of the Sir Grange turf, it is easy to see how it outweighs all other turf varieties. Other turfs may have some high qualities, but no other variety holds all their qualities higher than Sir Grange.

This is the best choice for your garden as it comes with all the qualities you could ask for in a turf variety. It even outweighs Sir Walter turf in wear tolerance, which is a national favourite. Not only that but it is also easy to install. All you must do is simply lay it down and water it.

Being the top-selling Zoysia grass in the USA, it is easy to see why this grass is such a common preference worldwide. If you’re looking to further compare this turf to other varieties, visit the Lawn Solutions Australia page.

Comparison between Sir Grange and other turf varieties

The Sir Grange turf comes with a ten-year product warranty from Lawn Solutions Australia, proving it to be a confident contender out of the turf varieties we sell here at J&B Turf Supplies. For more information on this turf variety, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 668 786.

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