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Sir Grange took the country by storm as soon as it arrived on our lawns. Now, it is one of the most popular turf varieties in Australia. Voted as the number one Zoysia grass in the USA, it is clear to see why customers are loving their Sir Grange grass.

Speaking to Sir Grange suppliers and owners, we discuss how this turf became renowned all over the world based on customer reviews.

What is the appearance of Sir Grange Zoysia?

One of the main reasons this turf became so popular is because of its appearance. It was originally made for golf courses. But due to popular demand, it made its way to residential lawns. Sir Grange is made up of very fine thin blades that give it a neat, manicured look.

Sir Grange is constantly complimented on how good it looks based on the user reviews—and it’s undeniably true!

Maintaining its colour for most of the year, Sir Grange turf has a beautiful dark green colour which is why most customer comments lean more on its visual aspect.

One of the common issues of Sir Grange is that it’s prone to losing its colour during winter. However, it will revert to its original state after the season.

“Sir Grange is constantly complimented on how good it looks based on the user reviews—and it’s undeniably true!”

Is it easy to maintain Sir Grange turf?

Sir Grange is a low maintenance turf grass, part of it is because of its shade-tolerant nature. In addition to this, most customers agree that it is relatively easy to look after, claiming all you need to do upon purchasing is “lay it down and water”.

This turf also has a high salt tolerance making it perfect for properties near the coast. Seaspray won’t be a problem.

However, along with the raving reviews, there are some negative aspects to the maintenance of this turf variety.

A common issue found in customer reviews is that this turf grows rather slowly than other varieties. But the fact that it doesn’t grow as fast as other turf varieties implicate how much time and energy you can save in mowing. In fact, Sir Grange demands 50% less mowing than other common turf types.

freshly mowed Sir Grange Zoysia turf lawn

According to suppliers, Sir Grange turf doesn’t have trouble growing once it has been fully established and rooted in the soil. Reviewers that have commented on this turf all agree there is an initial “eight-week hurtle” before it starts to grow quicker independently.

Both reviewers and supplies mention that due to its easy maintenance this turf can be mowed at different heights, depending on the finished look you want to achieve.

“Sir Grange turf doesn’t have trouble growing once it has been fully established and rooted in the soil.”

What is the texture of Sir Grange grass?

Another common theme in the reviews is the texture Sir Grange presents. It’s especially soft to touch due to it being made of such thin blades. Some owners may even lay there for hours on end! This makes it the perfect grass to have if you have a family with children.

freshly Sir Grange Zoysia turf

Since most pre-existing turfs are coarse in general, owners often describe Sir Grange as “never before seen in Australia.”

As the tagline says, Sir Grange is indeed the finer choice.

Here are a few things customers are saying about Sir Grange.

“It looks amazing! It may be dearer than the rest but well worth it – everyone that walks past can’t believe it’s real!”
— Dez, Sydney
“Just got Sir Grange delivered this morning, definitely worth it’s money.”
— Khaled, Sydney
“Called up yesterday to order Sir Grange turf. Got delivered this morning and wow what a turf it is.”
— Ziad, Sydney
“Purchased Sir Grange for a customer in Bondi and installed yesterday. The result was spectacular and a big thanks to the boys from J&B Buffalo for quality turf and excellent service.”
— Fredrico, Bondi
“Having velvet grass has made my lawn the envy of my neighbours. Slow growing, always green, thick and lush. 10 out of 10.
— Babak, Sydney

Here at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, we are professionals in all things turf. Our turf varieties, including Sir Grange, are backed by Lawn Solutions Australia and come with a ten-year warranty. If you’re interested in learning more about Sir Grange turf, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Get in contact with us today and give us a call on 1800 668 786.

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