How to Get Rid of Weeds in 3 Easy Steps

Weeds are the natural enemy of every lawn owner. To see bindii, nutgrass and clovers taking over a lush lawn is frustrating for any homeowner, especially when some weeds are difficult to control. Fortunately, there are some simple lawn-care practices that can help fight the weeds that are starting to grow. Even resilient varieties of grass, such as Sir Walter buffalo turf, need some help to completely resist weed growth.

Step 1: Take preventative measures

The best way to achieve a weed-free lawn is to practice prevention and maintenance. This includes:

  • Deep Watering. Make sure that your lawn occasionally gets a good, deep soak when you water it to help the roots grow deeper and stronger.
  • Mowing at the proper height. Setting your mower blades higher enhances the thickness of turf making it harder for weeds to grow.
  • Fertilise regularly. Feed your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks during the growing season to keep it healthy and resistant to weeds. Be careful not to over fertilise as it will damage the turf.

Step 2: Identify the weeds and plan your approach

Identify the weeds before you start attacking them. Some weeds require different methods to entirely keep them under control. The weeds that commonly invade Sir Walter lawns are:

  • Bindii – A wide spread annual weed of turf during winter and early spring.
  • Clover – White clover is a common problem in lawns and usually comes up during winter and early spring. It can be easily treated in most lawns with any broad leaf lawn weeder and feeder.
  • Paspalum – Paspalum spreads by rhizomes or from seed germinated in summer. Paspalum can be treated with PasKill.
  • Nut grass – This is a brute of a lawn weed that spreads by a tough, wiry root system. As nut grass is extremely difficult to kill, get rid of it by digging out the whole plant, making sure you remove all the roots and bulbs to prevent it from reproducing.

Step 3: Implement Weed Control Program

The best time to weed is when the soil is moist. The two best ways to get rid of weeds are:

  • Spot spraying: kill the weeds using a pressure sprayer. Make sure to use a suitable herbicide for weeding. Follow the directions on the product and use your tools wisely.
  • Pull out the weeds permanently: for weeds with deeper roots, dig them out using a hoe or remove them by hand.

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