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Want to know more about Sir Walter? We answer the most frequently asked questions below.

  • What type of grass is Sir Walter?
  • Our Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is part of the buffalo grass family. Naturalised here in Australia and equipped with several resilient features, this buffalo variety is perfect for the Australian weather.

  • How much should you water your new buffalo turf?
  • Your new Sir Walter turf should receive 25mm of water daily. This is because fresh grass should be watered frequently to encourage the establishment of the roots into the soil. New lawn needs to be watered 2-3 times daily for the first two weeks in the extreme heat of summer.

    Once the turf has taken root, generally 10-14 days after being laid, the grass should then receive 25mm of water per week.

    Please note, if it is raining heavily, watering requirements may decrease to avoid overwatering.

  • How many rolls of Sir Walter turf will I need?
  • The number of turf rolls you need will change depending on the area size you plan on covering. A roll of turf is usually 1.7 metres long and 0.6 metres wide, making it a total of 1 square metre.

    Due to a single turf roll being estimated in square metres, our no-obligation quotes are calculated this way. By measuring the size of your lawn, you will be able to calculate the number of square metres covered, and in turn, how many rolls of turf you will need.

  • How much is Sir Walter per metre?
  • We currently sell Sir Walter grass at $20 per square metre. This is an average cost per square metre.

    At J&B Buffalo, we offer obligation-free quotes to give you a transparent price with no surprises. Please note this does not include the turf installation price as the installation fee varies.

  • How big are the rolls of Sir Walter?
  • Each roll of Sir Walter buffalo turf covers a total of one square metre. The roll measures 1.7 metres in length and 0.590 metres in width.

    To estimate the number of turf rolls you will need, we recommend working out how many square metres your lawn covers. This way, you can narrow down a roll per square metre.

    For an obligation-free quote, contact us today.

  • How should I water my new Sir Walter turf?
  • When it comes to watering your turf, you should adjust your schedule depending on the season. This will help you determine how much water your Sir Walter buffalo lawn needs.

    How you water your grass should also depend on any restrictions. For example, it is recommended you use sprinklers for a set period to water your grass. However, this may not be possible in water restrictions. If this is the case, we recommend using a smart watering system or a hand-held hose with a trigger nozzle.

    Deep, infrequent watering will help your Sir Walter develop more durable root systems that can provide water for significant volumes of soil compared to those roots that receive frequent lighter watering.

    The best time to water your grass is early in the morning before 8 am or early in the evening. This is so that less water is lost from evaporation later in the day. Watering before 8 am will also suit most water restrictions.

  • How often should I water my lawn in winter?
  • When watering your grass in winter, you should be giving it as little as possible.

    This is especially true if you experience rainfall. As a warm-season grass, your Sir Walter is expected to go dormant, experiencing the frequent frost. Therefore, it won’t need any water during the colder season.

  • Can you overwater buffalo grass?
  • Just like any turf, it is certainly possible to overwater. As a drought-tolerant grass, Sir Walter requires much less water compared to other varieties. This makes it easy to overwater as it is bred to survive on minimal amounts of water.

    We recommend giving your grass a deep watering one to two times a week in summer, once a month in autumn and spring and none in winter.

  • How much does instant Sir Walter turf cost?
  • Instant Sir Walter lawn costs $20 per square metre. Purchasing instant turf will save you time and effort as it is sold ready to be laid through individual rolls.

    To further streamline the instant process, we recommend the additional hire of grass laying services. Your turf installation price will be tailored to your property, depending on the site and access to the area.

  • How much does turf installation cost?
  • The price of Sir Walter turf installation will vary depending on your property and the access to the area. Please note the price of installation is separate from the obligation-free quote.

    For a good idea on the cost, feel free to call our friendly staff on 1800 668 786 to discuss your situation.

  • What causes dead patches in buffalo lawns?
  • Dead patches in your Sir Walter can be due to several health issues and turf diseases/pests. If you find dead patches in your buffalo lawn, we recommend utilising the recommend lawn supplies for the issue – whether it be fungi or pests.

    For more information on lawn diseases and pests, read this page (link to Sir Walter diseases and pests) or give us a call on 1800 668 786.

  • When is the best time to fertilise my Sir Walter lawn?
  • The best time to fertilise your Sir Walter lawn in Sydney and in other Australian cities is in autumn. Due to steady active growing from the previous season, you will be able to prepare your grass for winter with a feed in this stage. It is also the peak growing period for Sir Walter.

    Furthermore, giving it a feed when you are well into spring and halfway through summer will maintain a healthy growth all year round.

  • How should I top-dress Sir Walter lawn?
  • Top-dressing should only be done to a Sir Walter lawn when it needs organic nutrients or when you have to level an uneven surface. It should also be done in the active season, around late spring to early summer.

    When top-dressing, you should mow your lawn low and aerate it beforehand. After this, spread the mix evenly on the area, raking it then levelling it. A top-dress should never be more than one centimetre and the tips of the grass should always be exposed.

    Please note top-dressing is generally only necessary on already established lawns.

  • Can you deliver my Sir Walter turf?
  • Yes, we can deliver quality Sir Walter turf to you if you buy directly from us! Our turf delivery is Sydney-wide and can also include turf installation for an extra fee.

    We want your turf to be delivered at a convenient time for you, so we allow you to choose when you want it delivered. Depending on the availability and stock, we can even have turf delivered to you on the next day after your purchase.

    If you prefer, you can also pick your turf up. Just let us know how much grass you are purchasing and we can advise what size of vehicle you will need.

    If you have a question that isn’t listed above, feel free to contact our friendly staff today on 1800 668 786.

  • When should I lay my Sir Walter turf after delivery?
  • As turf is a living plant, we advise you to install your turf immediately after delivery. This way, your buffalo grass can take root and start to establish by meeting the topsoil and moisture.

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Sir Walter DNA Certified

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Accredited Turf Grower

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Ten-Year Product Warranty

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