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Optimal installation and maintenance for Sir Walter Buffalo turf

Sir Walter DNA CertifiedSir Walter DNA Certified turf is recognised as an excellent grass breed for many reasons, not least of which is its resilience to the Australian climate. By being able to tolerate both droughts and intense sun it is able to avoid turning a yellowy-brown colour in summer, and in winter it maintains a lush dark green colour instead of fading to a lighter green like many other types of grass may do when they have reduced sun exposure.

For these reasons and more, Sir Walter is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners throughout Australia. If you’re also considering installing Sir Walter, it is useful to know the optimal method for installing Sir Walter, and how to maintain Sir Walter once it is properly installed.

To install Sir Walter turf, you will want to have at least 100 mm of well-worked soil, with stones, clods and other debris removed. Before you begin installing, you will want to rake the area to create looseness to the soil. You can also apply some fertiliser, which will help with the initial growth after installation.

To start installing you will want to begin by laying the turf along a straight edge, such as against some brick, a fence or the edge of the garden. As you lay, start from the point furthest away from your stack of turf, and move towards it as you install it. This way you will work methodically to install the turf, while not doubling up your efforts.

You will want to immediately water your lawn once it is installed, and you should continue to keep watering the turf daily over the next few weeks to keep the turf moist and encourage root growth. You will know the turf has taken root when it becomes difficult to lift your turf by grasping at the grass.

Once your turf is installed you will only need to fertilize it a few times per year, and water it once per week. If you see your turf lose any colour, particularly in the hottest or coldest months, then you can increase the frequency of watering.

Do not mow the grass until root growth has firmly established. Mowing is not always necessary for Sir Walter, but in the summer months when it grows more quickly it is a good idea to mow it in order to promote more green leaf growth.

With the proper installation of Sir Walter DNA Certified you can be guaranteed a quality turf for at least 10 years. If you’re interested in installing Sir Walter then give J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies a call on 1800 668 786.

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