Why you should install your grass during Spring?

Why you should install your grass during Spring?

Looking to lay your turf? Spring is the best time to have your new grass installed. With four different seasons over 12 months of the year, it can be confusing to know when exactly you should plant your turf. Because it’s a common question many customers ask, we are here to tell you why spring is the best time!

To see why you should install your grass during this season, keep reading below.

Beat the heat

One of the most important reasons why you should lay your turf in spring is because of the temperature!

With warm temperatures that won’t burn your turf but will allow your grass to take root and grow without going dormant, spring is the perfect time to have your grass laid.

You will want to take advantage of the colder mornings and more frequent rainfall that won’t come as often in summer, especially if you are under strict water circumstances like the current drought. Installing it before the heat arrives allows your grass to get established and flourish in safer conditions.

In saying this, you can also lay your turf in autumn if needed due to similar conditions and rainfall. But as it is heading into the colder and dormant time of the year where frost is expected, it is better to install your grass while going into warm and sunny conditions.

Active growing

Active growing

Spring, known as the vibrant season, is the best time to plant your grass due to the active growth the season encourages. Warm weather, paired with a decent amount of rain, makes for rapid growth!

During this season, plants begin to flourish and come out of hiding. And this is no different for grass.

Because of the warm conditions, the grass will take root quicker and it will grow faster. You will also notice you’ll be needing less turf supplies to maintain its growth as the grass can independently develop and establish itself in these conditions.

Developed by summer

By having your grass set right before summer, you will be able to enjoy your brand-new turf and appreciate the vibrant colour and lively texture.

You will also have peace of mind knowing your grass will survive the wear and tear of traffic from pets and kids.

Furthermore, your grass will already be established and ready to independently survive through the hot season with little assistance, compared to what you would have had to do to new grass at this same time.

You will need to mow and water your grass, but it will be the average amount of maintenance that you would expect to give to already-established turf.

Developed by summer

Now that you have your answer, are you ready to make the most of spring and order your turf? Offering several quality turf varieties that are all backed by Lawn Solutions Australia, J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies can help you get your turf up and running by the hotter season!

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