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Why Lawn Solutions Australia means a better quality lawn

As a long standing member of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), J&B Buffalo Turf continues to provide the highest quality product and service. LSA is a collective of Australia’s leading turf growers, who have unified in order to offer their customers the highest possible standard of lawn grass.

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Lawn Solutions Australia offers a range of turf varieties, which ensures that there is a suitable option for a variety of requirements for its customers. From Sir Walter Buffalo to Nullarbor Couch, to Eureka Kikuyu, Platinum Zoysia and RTF Fescue, there are options for thicker or thinner bladed grass, turf that is better suited to dry or wet climates, or grass that requires little maintenance over time.

All these varieties of grass are measured against an accreditation system that guarantees high quality turf. All growers are audited regularly to ensure that their product is up to the demanding standards of Lawn Solutions Australia. Similarly, the accreditation system is continuously reviewed and improved, in order to ensure turf standards and maintained over time.

Due to the high quality of the turf provided, all grasses grown by Lawn Solutions Australia members are delivered with a 10-year product warranty. This warranty guarantees that a lawn from LSA growers has been grown and harvested to the proper standard, that it is free of weeds and disease, and will enjoy a thriving growth.

Lawn Solutions Australia is also involved with turf breeders and researchers, so that new breeds and varieties can be investigated and commercialised as they become available. New varieties will only be introduced if they are clearly superior to current varieties available in the marketplace and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they will tolerate Australian weather conditions.

So for these reasons and more, you can be assured of the quality of J&B Buffalo Turf, and that our Sir Walter turf will match the demanding standards of Lawn Solutions Australia. Therefore, if you’re interested in having Sir Walter installed then give us a call on 1800 668 786.

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