Who are Lawn Solutions Australia?

Who are Lawn Solutions Australia?

Nearly every Australian homeowner has heard of Sir Walter Buffalo – it’s Australia’s favourite turf after all. But far fewer know about the team behind it. So who exactly was it that came up with Sir Walter as well as many other Australian favourites, such as Eureka Kikuyu, Nullabor Couch and Sir Grange?

Lawn Solutions Australia is a network of 43 of Australia’s finest turf producers and 140 accredited resellers, all of whom aim to breed the finest possible grasses for Australian conditions. These turf growers represent the Gold Standard of quality in Australia. The focus is on providing the finest grass, turf products and advice in order to ensure that you have the best patch you possibly can.

After breeding Sir Walter buffalo in the 90s, LSA has grown into a large national network with representation right across Australia. The success of Sir Walter has led them to instigate a DNA certification policy, which sees them DNA testing every batch of Sir Walter that its resellers sell to ensure that it is genetically identical to the original. If your Sir Walter doesn’t come with a DNA certification, it’s not Sir Walter.

The purity of Lawn Solutions Australia’s grasses allows the network to offer a stunning 10-year warranty on all of their products – a guarantee that is entirely unique within Australia. This gives you the peace of mind that your lawn will continue to look gorgeous long after it’s been watered in.

Lawn Solutions Australia continues to develop grass breeds to this day, using its knowledge and expertise to push grasses to be ever more adapted to Australia’s often extreme conditions. The process of developing a new grass variety is a strenuous and comprehensive one, and LSA will only give the green light on a new turf once it has jumped over a number of quality-assuring hurdles.

So who are Lawn Solutions Australia? They’re the people that any new lawn owner would want on their side when selecting, planting and maintaining their new patch of turf. If LSA can’t help you, no one can!

To find out more about the premium quality turf varieties, offered by Lawn Solutions Australia, call the friendly team at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies on 1800 668 786.

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