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When is the best time to plant turf?

When is the best time to plant turf?

There is nothing better than seeing your brand-new grass thrive! The contribution a fresh vibrant lawn can give your property is unmatched. Exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, new turf can do wonders for your home and yard.

Have you been considering new turf but are not too sure when is the best time to plant your turf? Let us help! As professionals in the turf industry selling quality turf supplies, the experts at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies can guide you to the best times for planting your new grass.

The best time to plant your turf is in spring

For an efficient and fast process, we recommend you plant your grass during spring.

The perfect balance of warm weather without extreme heat makes this season the best time to install your new lawn. With a fair amount of rainfall still expected, these three months are ideal for getting new turf to establish.


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During this period, plants are coming out of dormancy and are starting to flourish and sprout. This activation period will aid your turf to establish deeper roots, helping it to become ready by the time summer rolls around.

Laying turf in other seasons

While spring is the recommended time to lay turf, you can still apply your turf during the other seasons. Using turf rolls help you skip the lengthy growth process, giving you an instant lawn that just needs to take root into its new soil. This excellent advantage allows you to plant new turf all year round.

However, it is essential to note some seasons are better than others. While you can plant grass at any time in the year, some months perform better than others.

For example, the next best time to lay your turf is during the early months of autumn. This is because the soil is at a decent temperature and ample rainfall is experienced. It also means there is time for the grass to establish before the cold sets in.

Summer can also be considered when laying turf. Although it is hot, your turf will grow quickly due to a large amount of sun exposure, setting root in a steady manner.

If you decide to lay your turf during this season, remember to give it a watering each day to avoid the grass and roots drying out and dying

When it comes to winter, it is best not to lay any turf. Due to cold temperatures, potential frost and/or snow, lack of sunshine and a hefty amount of rain, this season doesn’t provide a great environment for turf to be installed.

While it is not impossible, for the best circumstances, we encourage you to wait until spring to lay your new grass.

Lay your turf three weeks before an event or expected use

If you plan to get a new lawn in time for visitors or an upcoming event, we recommend installing your turf at least three weeks before any heavy foot traffic will be introduced to it.

turf rolls

Installing turf a month or two ahead is a fair amount of time, but you will need three weeks at the least before you can allow it to be heavily used. This period is when your grass will take root and become established.

It is best if you try to refrain from walking or running on your lawn during this time for you to get the best results.

If you’ve been considering turf, hopefully, this guide has helped you decide on the right time to plant it. If you are still unsure or have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 1800 668 786, our team would be happy to help!

As experienced professionals in the turf industry, we are proud to offer the highest of quality turf available, including Sir Walter, Sir Grange and TifTuf turf. For all your turf needs, be sure to get your supplies from J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies.

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