What is Bermuda Grass?

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A very popular choice for turf across the globe, Bermuda Grass is very suited to the Australian climate and is therefore very prevalent here. It is more commonly referred to as Couch turf in Australia, a name you’re probably familiar with. Bermuda Grass boasts many great qualities and costs just $11 per square metre, the same as the Sir Walter Buffalo price, so is very affordable. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of Bermuda Grass!

A warm-season, hard-wearing turf variety, Bermuda Grass is perfect for golf courses and sporting fields. However, it is also very popular for backyards due to its softness. In the warm Australian climate it grows very quickly and once fully grown, is one of the densest and least dormant turf varieties out there.

As it is very soft, it’s perfect to play on for children and pets, so it’s a great choice for a backyard. While soft, it is extremely wear-resistance so it is very popular for football and soccer fields, and since it can be cut short and still remain lush, for golf courses.

Bermuda Grass thrives in hot, dry conditions, needing little water to remain healthy. One of the key reasons it is so popular is that it requires a very low level of maintenance. It is for these reasons that it is perfect for the Australian climate.

While it is a very durable turf, it will naturally lose some of its colour and lushness during very long periods of drought, so it is important to lightly water it every week during hot conditions. It is excellent at repairing itself, so it won’t take long before it is back looking fresh, and it is also very rarely prone to problems involving weeds.

Bermuda Grass is well known for the way it can naturally distribute very quickly. While this can be a bonus, it can also be a problem in some cases. It’s important that you border off areas like vegetable gardens and flower beds so that the Bermuda Grass doesn’t grow in and invade these areas. However, if you want the grass to spread over a large area, it will likely do so naturally, so you’re in luck.

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