What happens to my grass if I don’t cut it?

What happens to my grass if I don’t cut it?

A curious question many people wonder is what exactly happens to your grass if you were to stop mowing it regularly.

From the effects on maintenance to how it looks, we tell you what the outcome will be if you suddenly decided to stop doing this routine. To find out, continue reading below.

It grows

Just as it does in between your regular mows, your lawn will grow substantially. This is expected as you mow to keep it short.

Taking away all forms of cutting will allow your grass to continue growing. The growth will especially be accelerated during spring and summer as your lawn will be more exposed to the warm sun, and in turn, will be extremely active.

Even if you don’t have a fast-growing variety like Kikuyu turf, expect that your grass will still grow at a quick pace.

Your lawn becomes patchy

Due to a high growth rate and lack of nutrients, not all areas of your turf will get the right feed.

Because of this, you’ll notice that grass will grow at different heights. This will also cause brown patches to appear and possibly create dormant areas in your lawn.

In saying this, other patches may start to flourish with seed heads and other weed species. This will cause your lawn to look wild and may also invite other forms of grass to start growing.

Patchy lawn

It will be harder to mow later

Of course, at such a tall height, grass can become near impossible to mow and take care of.

When you decide to finally mow your grass again, it will be higher and more difficult to do so than it would have been earlier on.

You will need to set your lawnmower trimmer to a higher level and work down from there.

It will also result in a larger amount of grass clippings and will make it not only harder to dispose of, but also make your lawn a lot messier.

It becomes messy

A more obvious result is that the appearance of your lawn will become unruly and messy!

This will not only lower your street appeal but can create havoc if you need to get through your lawn to the other side of your property.

It may also welcome unwanted pests such as snakes and insects! The long grass and shady area would be perfect for snakes and may create a danger to your family.

It can then be dangerous to go near or tread through due to the limited vision the big leaves allow.

Messy lawn


As you can see, it is a smart idea to continue mowing your grass to avoid any hassle and prevent the issues above from happening to your lawn.

In need of a new lawn? Or maybe you want a slower growing grass like Sir Grange and Sir Walter?

No matter what, the team at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies is more than happy to help you find the right lawn for you and your home. To find out more, give us a call on 1800 668 786.

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