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3 Tips to Reduce Weeds and Pests on Your Sir Walter

Lawn SolutionsYou can find weeds or insects on every lawn. They damage beautiful lawns and threaten the health of your turf. Yet there are simple and effective solutions to combat these pest problems.

Here are tips and tricks to reduce weeds and insects from infesting your lawn.

  1. Choose a good turf

Nothing is easier to maintain than quality, pest-resistant turf. Sir Walter can prevent disease and fungus from developing on your lawn. Its non-allergenic qualities make it ideal for kids and pets to play on.
Sir Walter Buffalo is great at reducing weed growth because of its tight growing habit. It can hold out most weeds, so your lawn is beautiful year-round.

  1. Implement environment-friendly lawn care practices

Determine lawn pest management methods that will work for your area’s climate and growing conditions. If possible, reduce the use of harmful pesticides that expose health risks to children, adults and pets.

Always maintain your lawn by controlling the build-up of thatch and regularly mowing the grass.

  1. Water your lawn efficiently

It is recommended to water your lawn deeply but not too often. Water encourages the strong development of root systems that make the lawn hardier and more resistant to pests. Most healthy lawns require only an inch of water per week. The best time to water Sir Walter’s lawn is 4-8 AM. Watering in the evening should be avoided. If the lawn is watered overnight, it will remain wet during the night, which can cause turf diseases to develop over time.


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J&B Buffalo Turf is the leading supplier of premium turf varieties in Sydney. Lawn Solutions Australia backs our turf.

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