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Tip for Maintaining Your Sir Walter This Summer

Your Sir Walter This Summer
As Australians it is an undeniable fact that we all love summer, beaches, BBQ’s and cricket in the backyard, it truly is an incredible place to live. There is one small thing that can put a dampener on all of this summer fun, the dry, dead and lifeless grass isn’t any fun at all. There are a large variety of different turfs available for your lawn all with different benefits, but one of our personal favourite’s is the Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

There are some different ways that you can maintain and prepare your Sir Walter lawn for the warm summer months that will help keep your grass in tip top condition.

When you are mowing your lawns ensure that you don’t cut the grass too short, leaving it slightly longer than normal will be much better for the lawn. By leaving more leaves, you are protecting the soil and preventing the harsh sun from drying it out and leaving it less prone to evaporation. This will also help your soil retain vital moisture, with less water.

  • Handy Tip – If you return from holidays and your grass is longer than normal, don’t cut it all in one mowing. This could send your lawn into shock, try cutting a little bit over a few weeks.

Prepare your lawn for the harsh dry conditions of summer even begin by applying adequate amounts of fertiliser. We often underestimate just how much care and attention our lawn requires, but when you look at it, it will look after you! You want to choose a fertiliser with a slow release to ensure that your lawn gets the vital nutrients it needs over the warm months.

  • Handy Tip – If you are unsure how much fertiliser you should use on your lawn, follow the directions, but on a small patch use double. If this patch does better than the regular lawn, then you may need to add additional lawn fertiliser.

Over the summer months, we all understand how strong the urge is to water as much as possible when in fact the opposite is better. You want to water your lawn at least once a week, for a good extended soaking. By watering less often, you encourage your grass to grow a deeper and stronger root base.

  • Handy Tip – There are a variety of different lawn soaking products available. These products will help your soil absorb more water when it needs it most.

By following these tips, your lawn will be much better during the hot, dry summer months, relax and enjoy the warm weather and special time with friends and family. The only problem you will have is having to explain to all of your friends how your lawn looks so fantastic!

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