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The importance of being a Lawn Solutions Australia member

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So you’re shopping for turf, be it for your home, your business or your sports club, and you’re unsure which turf, or indeed turf supplier, is best for you. For most people grass is just green and leafy after all.

It’s likely that you’ll have seen a name pop up again and again during your search – Lawn Solutions Australia. It can be confusing, as this brand of grass doesn’t seem to have a storefront. Rather, there seems to be a multitude of turf suppliers who claim the brand ‘LSA’.

Let’s take a closer look at Lawn Solutions Australia, and why you should be looking for a turf – and turf supplier – which bears this name.

Who are Lawn Solutions Australia?

Far from being a retailer, LSA is instead focused on research and development. Their hard work has led to the creation of some of Australia’s favourite grasses, including Eureka Kikuyu, Sir Grange and Sir Walter Buffalo. To make these creations available to the public they rely on their network of LSA members – accredited turf suppliers who adhere to strict guidelines and quality controls.

Why should I buy turf from an LSA member?

It’s this accreditation and quality control process that makes LSA member turf suppliers such a wise choice for anyone looking to buy turf. LSA products bought from LSA members come with a guarantee of quality, with some, like Sir Walter Buffalo, carrying a warranty of no less than 10 years.

LSA constantly checks the growing practices of its members, and the DNA of its turf, to ensure that they meet its strict quality standards. By choosing an LSA member you can be confident that you are getting a grass that is identical to the one that was originally developed at LSA HQ, often decades ago.

For the long term health of both your lawn and your hip pocket, the choice of grass should be clear cut. Choose a turf and a turf supplier branded with Lawn Solutions Australia.

As a proud LSA member, at J&B Buffalo Turf we are experts at identifying and supplying the perfect turf for your situation. If you’re looking for an unbeatable Nullabor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu or Sir Walter Buffalo price, contact our friendly team today on 1800 668 786!

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