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What does Sir Walter Buffalo offer that other grasses can’t?

What does Sir Walter Buffalo offer

With over 60 million square metres of turf having been laid since its introduction in 1997, Sir Walter Buffalo grass has long been Australia’s favourite turf. But what exactly makes it so? What does DNA-certified Sir Walter buffalo offer lawn owners that other turfs can’t?

If there’s one simple answer to that question it is this: Sir Walter offers Australians the complete package.

The size of Australia, and the subsequently varied extremes of its climate, can make it an almost impossible country to develop grass for. From the tropical heat of Far North Queensland to the winter chill of Tasmania, the weather is simply too varied for one specific turf to succeed everywhere.

Sir Walter is the closest to an Australia-wide grass as there is. While it is technically a warm-season grass that prefers the heat, it has surprising shade and cold tolerance, allowing it to be rolled out in many places that wouldn’t be possible for similar turfs.

In ‘standard’ Australian conditions – i.e. hot and dry – there’s no grass that fares better. Sir Walter is terrifically drought tolerant, stays green in even the most intense heat, and absolutely loves the sun. Its low water requirements mean that it will retain its lustre when water restrictions are enforced, and it is tolerant of the saline soils found along Australian coasts.

But despite the fact that Sir Walter can grow pretty much anywhere, it’s also incredibly easy to maintain! It’s a self-repairing grass that is able to withstand large amounts of traffic, making it perfect for sports fields, and requires only small amounts of mowing and fertilising when compared to similar varieties of lawn.

What’s more, you get all of these perks in grass that is incredibly beautiful and soft to the touch. Sir Walter’s deep green hue is stunning, and its blades and dense mat are a joy to run around on, for kids and adults alike!

When you combine all of these traits together it’s easy to see why Australians love Sir Walter Buffalo turf. No other grass is as complete a choice for the land down under.

To find out more about Sir Walter Buffalo turf, call the friendly people at J&B Buffalo Turf on 1800 668 786.

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