Sir Grange vs Palmetto

Sir Grange VS Palmetto

Choosing the best suitable lawn for your property or project can be difficult since there are a lot of factors you have to consider before making a final decision. And if by any chance your choices are narrowed down to Sir Grange and Palmetto, then you’re on the right track!

Below, we investigate and compare whether Sir Grange or Palmetto would be better for your lawn.


Sir Grange has a world-renowned status, and believe it or not, it’s the number one selling zoysia grass in the USA. This turf is not only attractive but is sturdy and holds its own during the harsh Australian climates.

On the other hand, Palmetto is also known for its tough fight against brutal weather conditions. Although Palmetto has decent heat resistance, Sir Grange easily wins in that department. It has an extremely high level of drought resistance and can go longer without water and fertilisation.

In terms of wear tolerance, once again, Sir Grange takes the spot. However, once Sir Grange is subjected to hard wear and tear, it’ll take a long time for it to self-repair since it grows rather slowly unlike Palmetto.

Palmetto has a selective resistance against insects and weeds, whereas Sir Grange is highly resistant to weeds and insects in general.

When it comes to shade tolerance, both kinds of grass have a high level. Sir Grange is slightly higher with a shade tolerance of 75%, whereas Palmetto has 65%. This means Sir Grange will need about an hour less sunlight than Palmetto.

Sir Grange vs Palmetto qualities


Appearance is a strong factor for both turfs and neither will disappoint. With both varieties showcasing a dark green colour, the only competition here is how they retain their colour during winter.

While both varieties are known to retain their beautiful colour in cooler weather conditions, Palmetto’s colour retention is better than that of Sir Grange. Performing at a better rate, Palmetto has 75.5% better winter colour than most turf varieties.

Sir Grange grass was initially created with the purpose of carpeting golf courses, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that this grass is frequently complimented on its neat and synthetic like appearance.

Palmetto turf has a medium growth rate, faster than Sir Grange grass which has slow growth. This will mean Palmetto will need to be mowed more frequently than Sir Grange but can also be kept higher more often than Sir Grange turf would.

In saying this, Sir Grange may have slow growth, but it has a softer look. Made from a thinner delicate leaf, Sir Grange grass is more luscious and is softer to touch compared to Palmetto’s rougher and wider blade texture.

Sir Grange vs Palmetto appearance

Suitability for properties

Due to its high shade tolerance and resistance to heavy foot traffic, Sir Grange grass would be recommended for smaller properties that are prone to lots of shade. Its slow growth will also mean you won’t be pulling out the lawnmower for such a small area frequently.

For larger properties, we recommend Palmetto turf. It is reliable and like Sir Grange, it has low maintenance. This would be better for properties that won’t have as much traffic and will want to keep its dark green colour maintained all year round.

Sir Granges vs Palmetto suitability

Looking for further information on turf varieties? J&B Buffalo Lawn Supplies are professionals in all things turf. Our Sir Grange turf is certified by Lawn Solutions Australia and comes with a ten-year warranty.

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