Signs You Might Need a New Turf

Sir WalterTime to Returf?
Is your lawn starting to look sad? Are you thinking, “Should I replace my turf?” If you’re wondering if it’s time to replace it, here are signs you might need to dig out your old turf!

Sign #1: Lawn full of weeds
If your lawn consists mostly of weeds, it’s best to remove everything and start over again. Start by taking out the existing turf. Till the soil and add compost to make it rich and stimulate grass growth.

Laying turf is a hassle-free solution to achieve a lush lawn without the wait. Seeds can take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate. They take much time and nurturing to establish a mature, healthy lawn. Instant lawn is a smarter choice if you want a fast and easy way to establish a beautiful yard.

Make sure to choose turf that corresponds with your weather conditions. Sir Walter is one of the most adaptive turf varieties. It’s a grow-anywhere and everywhere turf, which is why most homeowners love it.

Sign #2: Lawn is dry and full of thatch
No matter how hard you try, your turf has little chance of survival if it can’t adapt to its environment. A dry, thatchy lawn indicates that you might need the right soil, water and sunlight conditions.
Grass replacement works best in areas with good growing conditions for grass. If you’re unsure whether you have the right soil type, take a few samples to your local nursery so they can see what it needs.

Sign #3: Lawn has a lot of dead patches
If your lawn is dead due to drought or soil compaction, there’s no way to return it. However, remember that a brown lawn doesn’t always mean it is dead. Some turfs go dormant during a drought and green up after spring.
Dead lawns cannot be revived. If there’s hardly any grass, replacing your current lawn with a stronger variety is a good idea. Make sure to follow typical lawn care practices such as watering right and fertilising responsibly.


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