The Secrets to Fertilising Your Sir Walter Turf

Australia is a beautiful, yet challenging landscape to survive in if you’re a blade of grass. Conditions are tough out here. That’s why Sir Walter buffalo lawns have thrived and outclassed many of its rivals. It’s a lush, tough type of lawn that’s drought tolerant, resistant to disease and fungus and low maintenance.

Fertilising Sir Walter Turf

Still, it does need a bit of love and care and a decent fertilising program.

Choosing your fertiliser

There are lots of fertiliser brands out there. So, the question is, which one do you need for your Sir Walter turf?

You could go down the path of sourcing fertilisers that have been developed specifically for buffalo lawns, but they can be expensive. Other fertilisers could work just as well if you understand some underlying principles.

Buffalo lawns tend to need a bit extra iron than other lawn types, so simply adding an extra iron pellet supplement or two to the lawn can do the trick.

Consider a locally produced fertiliser, rather than choosing brands that have been trucked in from other states. Local manufacturers will understand the state of the soil in your area and know exactly which nutrients are lacking, whilst saving you the transportation costs.

Some studies have shown that slow-release fertilisers are better than other normal alternatives. They pose less risk of burning your turf and are more environmentally friendly. They can be more cost-effective in the long run.

An effective fertilising program

The best time to fertilise is just after the height of summer, between March and May. The sun breaks down the compounds of the fertiliser, kicking its nutrients into action. This prepares the lawn just in time for winter.

You’ll need to feed your turf, at least twice a year, so a recommended time for another once-over, is during September after winter.

Simply sprinkling the fertiliser onto the lawn won’t be much help. Solid fertiliser settles on the surface of the turf, so it needs to be dissolved either by watering or rain.

You need also to note that in tropical regions, high rainfall periods can wash away the nutrients before they get a chance to seep into the roots of your lawn. Conversely in sandy and arid regions, lighter applications are more effective.

Remember, that the more you water your lawn, the more fertiliser you’re going to need for it.

There’s a lot to think about. Our Buffalo Turf consultants are able to provide you with simple advice about the most suitable products and how best to maintain your Sir Walter turf. Why not give us a call on 1800 668 786?


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