Natural vs Artificial: which turf is better?

Natural vs Artificial: which turf is better?

When it comes to purchasing new turf, you want to be able to make an educated decision about the variety you ultimately select. A popular topic of conversation nowadays when it comes to turf is whether natural turf or artificial turf is the better option. So if you’re looking to lay some new turf, this article will help you decide whether you should opt for that fresh Sir Walter lawn or that AstroTurf.

Financial cost

In comparison, natural turf is generally cheaper overall. Initially, artificial turf will cost a lot to install, especially if you’re opting for a high-quality brand, which you’ll need to do if you want your synthetic turf to look as natural as possible.

Natural turf is fairly cheap to install, but it depends on whether you have your soil improved beforehand, as this will incur further costs. Both varieties require different forms of maintenance so will both have some long-term costs.

Environmental impact

You may think that you’ll be saving a lot of water with artificial turf, but a lot of the time this is not the case. In many cases, artificial turf can get dirty and will require a hosing off as it cannot naturally filter this build up of dirt. The chemicals in some synthetic turf varieties can also harm the environment.

Natural turf absorbs rain and other natural by-products into its soil and therefore can help to eradicate greenhouse gases. With natural turf, the surface temperature and therefore the surrounding temperature will be much lower as the turf can absorb the heat. On the contrary, artificial turf will reflect the heat, have a very hot surface and therefore will heat the surrounding environment.


When it comes to maintaining your lawn, it would appear at first thought that artificial turf would be much easier to manage. Artificial grass builds up dust and dirt on its surface quite easily as it is unable to naturally filter them into the soil. The grass will therefore require a quite regular raking or brushing in order to keep it looking clean. Artificial lawns may require watering every now and then also, depending on the amount of built up dirt and whether pets are using the turf as a bathroom.

Natural turf will require regular watering, mowing and fertilising in order to look lush and healthy, but it will certainly be worth it. The frequency of this will depend on the conditions in which you live. It’s difficult to compare the two in terms of maintenance, as they both require different forms of upkeep.


When it comes to appearance, both varieties can look great. How your turf looks will largely come down to the effort you put into making it look nice. Both at their peak will be sure to bring your yard to life.

At J&B Buffalo Turf, we supply the highest quality natural turf that will be sure to enhance the vibe of your home and increase its natural beauty. For all things, turf and turf supplies, give us a call today on 1800 668 786!

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