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How to make your Sir walter look its best over summer

While Sir Walter Buffalo is known as one of the hardiest grasses on the Australian market, and indeed has become the country’s most popular turf on the back of this durability, our climate is still enough to seriously test such a strong plant.

With Sir Walter up against extended droughts, extreme heat, and a level of UV that can turn a person pink in a matter of minutes, it needs a little assistance to make it healthily and happily through summer.

But how exactly do you help your Sir Walter in surviving the hottest time of the year? These quick tips are as good a place as any to start.

Mow it higher

During summer you want to set your mower slightly higher than you might during the rest of the year. The reason for this is to retain moisture. Your lawn’s thatch – the build-up of grass debris that forms a mat at the base of your lawn – serves to hold in moisture. If you expose this thatch by mowing your lawn too low that moisture will be evaporated, drying out your lawn.

Mow it often

You also don’t want to take too much of the grass blade off at a time. Chopping off a large percentage of the blade can put your Sir Walter under stress. Aim to cut off less than a third of the grass blade in any one mowing. This might necessitate a more regular mowing regime, but your lawn will thank you for it.

Fertilise it early

The best time to fertilise your lawn is during the spring, as the milder weather will allow your lawn to make the most of the nutrients and build up its strength before summer. If you must fertilise during summer, try to do so at the beginning when the heat isn’t so unrelenting.

Water it less often, but deeper

Watering your lawn deeper but less often will encourage its roots to grow deeper into the soil, and will help to make it more drought resistant. If you give it light water every afternoon it has no reason to develop a deep root system.

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