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4 of Lawn Solutions Australia’s finest grasses

Lawn Solutions Australia has long been associated with the very best Australian lawns available. LSA stands for quality – you know you’ll be getting a beautiful, hardy grass that has been bred for Australian conditions.

Here are just four of the finest examples of grasses bred by Lawn Solutions Australia.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

In terms of quality and all round ability, you can’t go past Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass. Bred by LSA in the 90s, Sir Walter has gone on to become the most popular turf choice in Australia by far. It has everything that an Australian lawn owner would want in a grass – it’s incredibly drought resistant, it’s the lowest of low maintenance, and it’s beautifully soft underfoot. If you’re unsure of which LSA grass will suit your needs best, it’ll more than likely be Sir Walter DNA Certified.

Eureka Kikuyu Grass

A vigorous grower with medium-coarse green blades, Eureka Kikuyu is a warm-season grass that is perfectly suited to most Australian climates. When it comes to bang-for-your-buck Eureka is hard to beat – it’s an economical choice that will grow well in both tropical climates and more temperate zones. Its quick growth makes Eureka an excellent option for high traffic areas such as sports fields and thoroughfares, and its pest and disease resistance is about as good as any grass.

Nullabor Couch Grass

If the sun shines brightly in your backyard, Nullabor Couch could be the grass for you. A fine-leafed grass with a deep green colour, a front yard fitted with Nullabor Couch will be the envy of your neighbourhood. It’s a terrific combination of wear resistant, drought tolerant and low maintenance, and will be unstoppable when treated to full sun.

Platinum Zoysia Grass

The hardiness and adaptability of Platinum Zoysia are hard to beat. While technically a warm season grass bred for the tropics and sub-tropics, it will also hold excellent colour over winter in Australia’s more temperate areas. It’s characterised by a soft, fine blade that still manages to maintain a terrific drought tolerance – a trait more usually associated with broader-leafed lawns – and will require less mowing than most other varieties.

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