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Keep Your Lawn Looking Good this Summer

The extreme heat and lack of rain that usually comes with the Australian summer can be very stressful for lawn solutions. There are a few things you can do before summer to ensure your turf is in the best condition to thrive throughout the season. Preparing your turf will help it avoid the shock of summer and retain its green colouring for longer.

Step One: Create a Deep Root System

The deeper the root system of your turf, the less likely it is to dry out and die on a hot summer day. To create a deep root system you should reduce the watering frequency to half normal water or even less. When your lawn is looking wilted, you can give the turf a large drink. The lack of water will encourage the roots to grow deeper to seek water, and the large watering will keep the turf in good condition. By encouraging the roots to grow deeper they are safer from the summer heat and below the evaporation level of the soil. This means that even if the blades dry out, the roots are still in a healthy condition to re-grow after summer.

Step Two: Apply a Wetting Agent

Once the summer heat has arrived, it is a good idea to apply a wetting agent to your turf. For many types of soil, once they are dry, they become repellent to water. This will lead to runoff and minimal water absorbed by the turf. Wetting agents coat particles with a water-attracting agent allowing the soil to absorb more water and hold onto it for a longer time. By applying a wetting agent, you will be able to keep watering your turf, ensuring it stays healthy throughout the harsh summer.

Step Three: Mow Often

Healthy lawns that have been properly watered will benefit from more frequent mowing. Summer is the peak growing season, so the blades will not suffer from being cut shorter. Mowing more regularly, perhaps once a week, also reduces the risk of cutting the blades too short and scalping the lawn. If you remove too much of the green blades in a single mowing it will kill sections of your lawn that are already battling the summer heat.

If you follow these easy steps in the lead up to summer you will ensure your turf is healthy and thrive through the summer months. If you need any advice on how to care for your turf please call one of our knowledgeable staff members on 1800 668 786.

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