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How to maintain your Eureka Kikuyu turf

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Looking for a tough, fast-growing turf at a great value? Or do you already have one of the most popular turfs in Australia? Eureka Kikuyu is a common favourite found in Australia so you may be wondering how to maintain your lawn in the unpredictable Australian weather. Well don’t stress, with a few simple tips we can help you maintain your Kikuyu turf.


One of the most crucial ways to help your Eureka Kikuyu grass in the Australian weather is watering. Luckily just like the country, Kikuyu grass is prone to drought conditions however to get it in its best condition; it’ll need water. It is recommended that you water your Kikuyu grass every seven-ten days in the warmer weather, which can be more depending on the soil condition. This tough turf can go with minimal to barely any watering during the colder season. A good way to identify if your Kikuyu needs watering is by the condition of the grass. If the colouring goes a slight brown or if the blade tips start wilting, these are common signs your grass will need watering.


With a fast growth rate, your Eureka Kikuyu turf might need a little more mowing than other turf varieties. Because of the growth rate, you’ll need to mow it regularly in order to combat any weeds and pests that might be trying to breakthrough. This means it will need a weekly cut during the warmer months and a mow around every month in the colder season. Conveniently, Kikuyu can be cut at any height with a low cut giving a nice manicured finish.


Fertilising is an important key in ensuring your Eureka Kikuyu turf maintains its growth and steady health. For your Kikuyu turf, a slow release fertiliser would be the right choice for the Kikuyu which can be found in nurseries and turf farms, including ours. We recommend fertilising your new lawn five weeks after you lay it, with a six-eight-week fertilising routine following the installation. With Winter being a lower growth period for the Kikuyu, heavy fertilising during Winter will ensure your lawn stays strong and keeps its colour during the colder periods. It is also recommended to fertilise your Kikuyu lawn once at the start of spring and once at the start of autumn.

Proving to be a strong contender against the harsh Australian weather in both small and large areas, it is no wonder Eureka Kikuyu turf is a national favourite. If you’re looking for Eureka Kikuyu turf to use for your lawn or next project, talk to J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies. Being one of Sydney’s leading turf farmers, our Eureka Kikuyu turf comes with a ten-year warranty certified by Lawn Solutions Australia, the nation’s leading authority on grass research and development.

To learn more about our Eureka Kikuyu turf and supplies to maintain it, give us a call today on 1800 668 786.

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