How to care for high-traffic lawns

How to care for high-traffic lawns

Are you wondering how you can help your high-traffic lawn survive through regular wear?

Whether you have a business or your lawn just sees a lot of use, there are many reasons your grass may experience a high level of foot traffic.

But do you know how to help maintain its healthy growth?

If you are looking to help your grass grow through heavy traffic, then you will surely want to know these tips.

Use quality turf

If you are going to replace or lay new turf on a high-traffic area, you will be starting on the right foot by choosing a variety that is strong and durable.

As the area is prone to high traffic, investing in a turf that is self-repairing will better the chances of your lawn surviving.

An ideal turf variety would be Sir Walter. Being a hardy Australian-bred grass, this variety is as strong as they come.

With a tight growth habit, it is not only extremely pest and weed resistant, but it is also self-repairing, recovering from any wear and tear it may gather through high traffic.

By investing in superior quality grass such as buffalo turf, you are giving your lawn a better chance of survival in busy areas.

Not only will it be able to bounce back from the regular traffic, but it will also maintain a healthy appearance that will leave your lawn looking fresh and sturdy.

turf qualities

Aerate and fertilise

To maintain your high-traffic lawn, you must provide the proper care and maintenance that encourage its strength and repair.

If possible, it will help to fence off any areas that are struggling to recover from great amounts of traffic.

To support high-traffic areas, we recommend you fertilise and aerate your lawn regularly. By doing so, you are ensuring your grass is getting the right breathing room it needs to continue to grow.

It also allows proper drainage in the lawn, providing access for air and water to reach the grassroots. Combine this with regular fertilising, and your grass will be as strong as ever!

Using fertiliser and soil conditioners will enhance the recovery process, providing efficient repairing support that will help your grass withhold from pets and people.

Aeration and Fertilization

Careful mowing

When it comes to maintaining your high-traffic lawn, it is important to regularly mow your turf.

However, you must ensure you don’t cut it too short as it can put your lawn under stress, which can take a toll on its strength and abilities.

By keeping turf at a safe and recommended height, you can help ensure it is at its healthiest state.

To further support this, you should ensure you are mowing it regularly without any long periods in between mows.

It is also important to be certain that your blades are sharp and in good form. Using blunt ones can tear the grass instead of cutting it, potentially ruining its healthy growth habits.

Mowing routine and reminders

As professionals in all things turf supplies, our team at J&B Buffalo knows exactly what your lawn needs to survive.

If you are looking for more tips on caring for your high-traffic lawn, then give us a call on 1800 668 786.

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