How often should I water my lawn?

How often should i water my lawn

From Buffalo to Kikuyu turf owners, a common question they ask is, ‘how often should I water my lawn?’.

With the current water restrictions in place across the Greater Western Sydney region, our team at J&B Buffalo believes this is an important topic to discuss to ensure you are being water savvy.

Not sure how often you should water your lawn? Keep reading below to make sure you are watering your turf the best way you can.

How often?

When it comes to watering your lawn, you should only do so when your turf needs it. It is important you don’t overdo this as it won’t only waste water, but it will also ruin your lawn. Overwatering can result in diseases that will possibly damage your turf in the long run.

Already have existing grass? We recommend you care for it with a deep infrequent watering schedule. To follow the water restrictions, you can do this before 10 am and after 4 pm with a hose that is fitted with a trigger nozzle. However, to get the most out of your turf, we recommend watering it in the early morning before 8 am.

Hose with trigger nozzle

Also, how often you water your grass should change depending on the season. For example, in summer, your lawn will face harsher and hotter conditions. Therefore, to maintain a healthy appearance, it should be watered more often. In this case, generally, once a week is recommended.

However, if you see signs that it is dying, such as discolouration or vulnerability when walked on, this is a clue that you should give it a little more water.

In the colder months, you can get away with watering it much less as conditions aren’t as intense. During winter, depending on the weather, you may not even need to water it at all. In saying this, it is important to look at the weather forecast in case it will rain as this will instead supply your lawn with the water it needs.

Some people may believe watering every day will maintain a healthy lawn. Please note that this is NOT TRUE. However, when you are establishing your new turf, we do recommend watering it daily until it has taken root in the soil.


Are you worried that water restrictions will stop you from doing this? When you buy turf with J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you are temporarily exempt and can water your lawn for the first week.

For further exemption, you must apply with Sydney Water. Read our article on the recent Sydney water restrictions to find out more.

How to implement this with water restrictions

Not sure how to implement the right water system for your lawn during a drought? We have a few tips to ensure you are watering your turf just enough for it to have a healthy and vibrant appearance.

Firstly, you should check your local water restrictions. If you currently have some in place, you must follow the rules implemented.

For example, the 2019 water restrictions enforced by Sydney Water will only allow residents to water their lawns through particular methods. This includes using a watering can or bucket and watering with a trigger nozzle hose before 10 am and after 4 pm.

Residents can also water their lawns through drip irrigation or water systems that feature automated weather adjustment, rain sensors or soil moisture sensors.

It is a great idea to install a watering system that includes the above features as this will help ensure you are watering your lawn at the right times while being mindful of the restrictions.

How to implement this without water restrictions

When there are no water restrictions and you have a sprinkler system, we recommend setting the timers accordingly. This should be in the early morning once or twice a week during summer, then hardly, if at all, in winter at around the same time.

Water sprinkler system

You should be watering your grass so the soil is wet to a depth of 150mm. This can be checked by sinking a shovel into the soil to see how far the water went. If this has reached the 150mm mark, this is the right amount of water your lawn needs.

To make sure you have it on during the right time, you should record how long it takes for the water to reach 150mm. This is exactly how long you should be watering your grass and it should be reflected and adjusted to suit this on the water sprinkler system.

If you don’t have a water sprinkler system, you can use your average sprinkler and hose. However, to guarantee you are getting a consistent spread of water across your lawn, you should move this whilst watering if placing it on one spot doesn’t reach all areas.

What to remember

When it comes to watering your lawn, less is more. Deeper watering sessions are better than smaller, more frequent schedules. You should also consider the type of grass you have. From Sir Walter to Sir Grange turf, you can view our website and look at our turf varieties to see the different needs of each grass.

One more important thing to remember is that if you are affected by water restrictions, it is common for you to have a time constraint on when you can use your water for gardening purposes. You may also only use approved watering systems and must follow certain procedures if you want to water your lawn.

You can find more information on current water restrictions by looking at your local water provider’s website or by contacting them. To look at Sydney Water’s restrictions, follow this page.

Are you after some turf supplies or just want some more lawn advice? Speak to our friendly staff at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies by giving us a call 1800 668 786.

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