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Find out which lawn solutions are best for Australia’s climate

Australia’s unique climate means that not all lawn solutions common in the rest of the world will thrive on our soil. The hot summers, frosty winters, drought conditions and harsh soil mean that only a few varieties of turf will remain lush and green in Australian backyards. Here is a run-down of the turf varieties we recommend to suit all Australian climates.

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Sir Walter DNA Certified

This buffalo turf is the most popular in Australia with over 50 million metres sold since 1997. It is a low maintenance, drought and fungus resistant turf that has soft blades making it perfect for young children. Sir Walter has undergone DNA certification to ensure that customers are getting only the best strains of the buffalo grass. Make sure to look for the DNA Certified tag when you are purchasing this turf.

Nullarbor Couch Turf

This turf is a strong and fine bladed variety that is commonly used on sporting fields and high traffic areas. The appeal of this turf is its dark green colour and the high density of the blades. This variety has rapid horizontal growth, meaning it is tolerant of frequent mowing and is quicker to grow after the winter dormancy. We recommend this turf for areas that are easily accessible for mowing and receive significant foot traffic.

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

This variety of Kikuyu turf is a strong grower that has a bright green, coarse blade. It is a great turf choice for properties that suffer from waterlogged soil as it is unaffected by dampness in the soil. The strong root system means it is also great for halting soil erosion. On top of these great benefits the turf has a reasonable frost tolerance, which means it has growth into the autumn months.

Platinum Zoysia

This fine bladed soft grass has an abundance of great qualities that make it perfect for Australian homes. It is heat and drought resistance; with a unique ability to roll its leaves to conserve water in the hotter months. This variety is a slow growing turf meaning it is extremely low maintenance. On top of this, it also keeps its bright green colour during the winter months.

As members of Lawn Solutions Australia we only recommend and supply the best quality turf that all come with a 10-year national guarantee. If you would like advice on what turf is best for your property, please get in touch on 1800 668 786 or visit our website for a fast quote.

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