Defending your lawn from army worms

Defending your lawn from army worms

From Sir Walter buffalo turf to Nullarbor Couch turf, army worms, or lawn grubs, love to feed on grass at this time of year, causing it to look lifeless and dull the overall vibe of your home. If you want to protect your turf and ensure its longevity, it’s important you understand the correct methods involved in fighting off army worms. The lush green lawn you’ll have if you protect it from lawn grubs will be sure to make your home look a lot more inviting.

First of all, you need to identify if the problem actually is army worms. If your lawn is being torn up and picked at my birds constantly then this is a huge red flag and you’ve likely got some grub visitors. If your grass is patchy then you should examine the brown patches and see if there are any underlying roots. This is another big indicator of lawn grubs. If your turf is spongy or there are red wasps flying around then you’ve more than likely got army worms.

Protecting your turf from these pests is quite a simple process, but a process that needs to be done quite promptly. Army worms can ruin fairly large areas of turf quite quickly, and you don’t want to lose this war. Reviving turf that has been drastically damaged can be very difficult, so make sure you’re not stuck doing this.

The majority of insecticide grub killers on the market will solve your problem quite sufficiently. Before deciding on a product however and proceeding with your lawn protection, it’s important you have a grub killer that is suited to your type of grass. For example, as the Kikuyu or Sir Walter turf cost per square metre is quite cheap, it’s a great idea to purchase some insecticide in the same transaction – better to be safe than sorry!

Lawn grubs are most active during the later hours when it gets dark, so it’s best to apply your insecticide when it’s quite late. If the worms are still mobile a few days after this application, you should reapply the grub killer, ensuring that you’ve completely defeated the army worms.

If you’d like further information on army worms, insecticides, or just any general information regarding turf, feel free to contact us! We distribute the highest quality turf around Sydney at the best prices. Give us a call on 1800 668 786 today!

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