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Commonly used types of grasses

Commonly used types of grasses

When it comes to Australian backyards, we need tough grass that will last. From hot summers to unpredictable winters, grass varieties will have to be hardy and stubborn to survive the extreme climates.

Depending on where you are in Australia and the amount of traffic your property sees, all these can have a huge impact on the type of turf you should select for your lawn.

However, across the country, certain turf varieties are commonly used due to their reliable and sturdy characteristics.

To discover the most common types of grasses used around Australia, keep reading below.

Buffalo grass

Buffalo grass

Due to its tough qualities and hardy survival traits, buffalo grass is well and truly a national favourite.

With this in mind, it is no shock that certified buffalo turf such as Sir Walter can outstand the unpredictable weather conditions experienced across Australia, with the variety being naturalised right here on our home turf. 

Developed from soft-leaf origins, Sir Walter Buffalo grass offers a splendid texture that is perfect for both pets and kids.

Due to its soft feel, it is safe to play and tread on, making it the quintessential Australian turf.

Another reason for its popularity is its affordable price. Because Sir Walter grass’ price is not too expensive, it is a savvy choice for those who want quality turf at a realistic rate.

Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu grass

Thriving in warmth, Kikuyu grass is a top contender in the Australian market, making it a popular turf choice.

Not only is it ideal for both commercial and residential properties as it is able to survive hot days in high-traffic areas, but it is also reasonable to cold weather conditions.

With a high weed resistance, it is an unblemished turf that would perfectly suit parks and schoolyards.

It also has an average rating all around, making it a decent grass that will thrive with quality maintenance.

As one of the most affordable turf varieties in the market, it is a great match for larger properties in need of bulk grass. It is an ideal turf for households positioned on acreage, too.

Couch grass

Couch grass

Couch grass is a popular turf family, with many varieties falling underneath it. It is a tough grass type that is a lot more resilient than its competitors.

Living up to its family name, Nullarbor Couch grass is a strong turf that can withhold through high amounts of traffic, recovering quickly when damaged.

Made of fine leaves with dark green colour, Nullarbor Couch is known for its vibrant look.

With a low dormancy during the colder months and high tolerance to full sun exposure, it is able to retain its green tone throughout the whole year.

Offered at an affordable price, couch grass is generally a great option for homeowners. Not only is it cheaper than other varieties, but it also holds a richer colour compared to other grasses.

There is a reason why these well-known turfs are heavily used in Australia. Found the perfect one for you?

If you are looking for a little more variety, we also offer some other great quality turfs that are getting increasingly popular across the nation.

For more information or to buy turf online, visit our turf variety pages today.

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