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Caring for your Sir Walter lawn in summer

Caring for your Sir Walter lawn in summer blog post banner

The Australian summer is known for being extremely harsh and unforgiving, so it’s always best to give your turf some extra care during this time. A Sir Walter buffalo lawn is the quintessential Australian turf, with an incredible resilience towards heat and drought. Despite the hardiness of this brilliant breed, it is still a little vulnerable during the summer months. Here are some tips for caring for your Sir Walter turf this season.

Removing excess thatch

As Sir Walter buffalo turf grows, it develops thatch, which will build up if it’s not controlled and blanket the fresh grass that’s trying to grow underneath it. Since Sir Walter buffalo turf is an extremely hardy turf variety, the thatch can be removed simply by short-mowing the lawn. After you have removed the thatch, apply fertiliser and water to your lawn for at least two weeks.

Mowing the lawn

A Sir Walter buffalo lawn benefits greatly from regular mowing as it stops the build-up of thatch, prevent the lawn from creeping into other people’s gardens and promotes fresh growth. Unless you’re mowing to remove any excess thatch from your lawn, it’s best to cut your lawn to a height of at least three centimetres to reduce the possibility of damage from disease or exposure. The number of times a week you should mow your lawn varies depending upon the season, ranging from once a week in summer to once every four weeks in winter.

Fertilising the lawn

As well as mowing and watering, your Sir Walter buffalo turf will require some fertiliser in order to retain its health and resilience. If you want to keep it in peak condition, it is advised that you apply a high-quality, nutrient-rich fertiliser to your lawn once every two months. Your lawn will also benefit greatly from lawn supplements, which should give it a boost of any vitamins and minerals it may lack. If you’re looking for a high-quality fertiliser or lawn supplement, many nurseries and turf farmers will supply these alongside other turf supplies.

You can do these things to take care of your Sir Walter buffalo lawn during the scorching summer months. If you’re looking for high-quality Sir Walter buffalo turf for your next residential or commercial project, talk to J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, one of Sydney’s leading turf farmers. We supply high-quality, genetically-pure Sir Walter buffalo turf and other high-quality turf varieties.

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