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Avoid Inferior Sir Walter Breeds: Buy Sir Walter DNA Certified

Since being introduced in the 1990s, Sir Walter Buffalo turf has quickly become a popular breed of grass throughout Australia for a number of reasons. The resilience of Sir Walter to drought, wear, and the intense and extended sunlight make it an ideal grass for Australian lawns looking to flourish during long, hot summers. As Sir Walter becomes more well-known, demand has simultaneously grown.

look for sir walter dna certified grass

Until recently, only those licensed by Lawn Solutions Australia were allowed to grow and sell Sir Walter. Having this licensing requirement meant that a high-quality breed of grass was ensured. However, this requirement has now been removed, allowing anyone to grow Sir Walter. While this may mean that Sir Walter is more widely available and may drive down its cost over time, it has the downside of removing the guarantee of purchasing high-quality turf. Indeed, if you now buy Sir Walter, it may be blended with other breeds of grass to reduce the cost. This can result in losing the aforementioned quality of resilience that Sir Walter offers and may also result in a patchy-looking lawn.

To adjust to the market conditions of this new standard and ensure that you get a high-quality breed, reliable growers of Sir Walter are now ensuring that they only sell Sir Walter DNA Certified grass. If it is DNA certified, Lawn Solutions Australia has inspected and verified it to have genetically assured purity. Lawn Solutions Australia is a group of accredited turf growers who use experts to verify the quality of their members’ grasses. This allows them to maintain an endorsement of the quality and offer a 10-year warranty on their grass.

If you’re currently in the market for new grass and considering Sir Walter as an option, it may be tempting to go for the lowest-priced option. However, to avoid the downsides of inferior quality turf, looking for a Sir Walter DNA Certified member is sensible. For a genuine Sir Walter, call J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies on 1800 668 786.

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