Allergy Relief with Sir Walter

Do you suffer from hay fever during spring and summer? If so, consider switching to a Sir Walter Buffalo lawn turf. With a low allergy rating, Sir Walter will help relieve your symptoms.

Allergy Relief Sir Walter

Do you have Hay fever?

For many Australians, the warmer months of the year mean taking drastic measures to cope with allergies and hay fever symptoms. With an estimated 40% of Australians experiencing allergies, many of us have to prepare in advance for hay fever season.

Hay fever Symptoms

If your symptoms occur consistently throughout the year, the cause is likely coming from inside your home, such as dust mites, mould or pet related. If your nose starts itching, your eyes become watery, and you reach for antihistamines during the warmer months, your hay fever will likely come from outside the home.

Windy days will often exacerbate allergy symptoms due to pollen spreading in the breeze. Pollen from grasses, weeds and trees are the main culprits for seasonal hay fever. A general tip for plants in your garden is that the brighter the flower, the safer it’s likely for a hay fever sufferer. Plants with bright flowers are usually (but not always) pollinated by insects or birds and don’t need to rely on wind to spread their pollen.

Low-Allergy Lawn Solutions

You don’t have to use concrete or pavers to escape your lawn! There are low-allergy options out there. If you are one of Australia’s many hay fever sufferers, consult with your local asthma or allergy council on the best varieties of plants and trees for your lawn. Sir Walter Buffalo is a low-allergy turf, meaning that it produces substantially less pollen than other varieties. This makes Sir Walter an excellent choice for your lawn.

If you have pollen allergies, switch your lawn to Sir Walter Buffalo turf today! Call J&B Buffalo Turf on 1800 668 786 for advice on the best turf for you.

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