5 Summer Lawn Problems and Their Fixes

The intense Australian summer can test the very best of us, and our lawns aren’t immune to it either. The summer extremes can bring about a host of lawn issues, and without swift intervention, these could spell real trouble for your turf.

So what problems should you be looking out for in your turf, and how do you go about fixing them? Whether your lawn is Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo or otherwise, here are 5 common summer lawn problems and their fixes.

Drought Stress

Many areas of Australia are prone to a lack of water, and just like any plant, your lawn relies on water to survive. If your lawn is looking brown, pull on a patch of the grass. If it still feels firmly rooted, it’s likely that it’s suffering from drought stress. You can also dig a small hole out to check soil moisture. If it appears dry, give your lawn a thorough soak bi-weekly until rain returns.

Heat Dormancy

Periods of excessive heat can have many types of grass going into a state of dormancy to protect themselves from the extremes. The grass will often stay green during this period, particularly if you’re providing it with enough moisture, but growth will grind to a halt. Avoid mowing dormant grasses, and ensure that you keep up a consistent irrigation schedule.

Pest Problems

Summer brings with it insects which can infiltrate the moist and relatively cool climes of your lawn. Pest problems can be identified by chewed grass blades, browned patches that are easy to pull up, and simply by seeing the pests themselves. At the first sight of an insect problem give your lawn a dose of organic pesticide. If the problem isn’t fixed, switch to something more industrial.

Bad Maintenance

There are many bad maintenance practices that can affect the health of your grass. Try to avoid doing any of the following:

  • Taking more than 1/3rd of the blade off at a time
  • Fertilising a cool season grass in summer
  • Overwatering (a good soak twice a week is more than enough)


The stresses and strains caused by summer can weaken your grass, opening it up to the threat of disease. Watering at night (leaving your lawn boggy for hours on end) can also promote disease. While good lawn maintenance will fix most diseases, if something is proving hard to shake it may be worth getting a professional in to take a look.

To find out more about looking after your Sir Walter, talk to the friendly team at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies.

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