5 Easy Tips to Green Up Your Turf

Lawns can often turn brown because of drought, cold weather or lack of maintenance. If you see brown patches in your lawn or your grass is starting to turn yellow, don’t panic.

The secret to a healthy and manicured lawn is the right environmental conditions and regular maintenance.

Check out these five tips on maintaining a perfect green lawn:

  1. Get the right variety

In general, the type of turf you use should match your climate. It is important to understand the turf’s characteristics to properly understand the care it needs. If you live in a dry climate, a drought-resistant variety such as Sir Walter and Kikuyu are the best options.

  1. Water and fertilise

Turf loses its vibrance from drought and lack of proper nutrients. Check your watering times and see if your lawn gets the right amount of water. Make sure water is well-distributed on your lawn to help the soil keep moist.

Fertilising helps turf retain its nutrients and maintain its green colour and healthy roots. Not all fertilisers provide the same results. Make sure to do your research or ask a lawn expert to find out the best fertiliser to use.

  1. Avoid cutting too low

Most turf stops growing during the winter, causing it to turn brown. To help prevent this, mow your lawn higher during the cold months. Shorter grass is more easily exposed to extreme sunlight and loses moisture from the soil, causing it to lose its colour.

  1. Watch for lawn pests and diseases

Unwanted pests could be feeding on your turf and taking away the nutrients from your lawn. If you notice any signs of lawn disease, treat it immediately. Don’t let pests and diseases do further damage to your grass.


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