4 Environmental Benefits of Sir Walter Turf

sir walter turf

Sir Walter makes any property look luscious and green. It has become Australia’s choice for turf with its non-allergenic blade that is also soft to touch.

Apart from being itch-free, did you know that this turf is good for the environment? Sir Walter Buffalo turf has sustainable qualities that benefit the environment, your health and the community.

Here are the reasons why Sir Walter Buffalo is the perfect green choice for your property:

  1. It cools down the air

Sir Walter Buffalo turf acts as an air conditioner trapping the heat of the sun. This helps reduce heat during the day and balance the temperature at night.

The turf blade of Sir Walter has a cooling effect that absorbs and eliminates heat. In fact, studies revealed that turf areas are 10-14 degrees cooler than surfaces covered with asphalt or concrete.

  1. It clears the air

Dust and smoke particles degrade air quality. Through the process of photosynthesis, Sir Walter turf is able to absorb gaseous pollutants to prevent a build-up of carbon dioxide. This helps trees in producing oxygen more efficiently so we could breathe cleaner air.

  1. It prevents erosion

Sir Walter turf provides the best solution against erosion as it helps stabilise the soil. Its roots bind the soil more effectively so it won’t easily be blown or washed away.

  1. Its low maintenance

Studies found that majority of water consumed in communities are used for lawn maintenance. Other lawns can require frequent fertilising, which can become a major concern in the environment.

The low-maintenance qualities of Sir Walter turf bring a reasonable advantage in keeping an eco-friendly surrounding. How?

Sir Walter is a drought resistant turf and therefore requires less watering. It also needs minimal fertilising, so there’s no need to worry about using too many chemicals on your lawn.


If you need more information about the environmental benefits of Sir Walter turf supplies, call the lawn solutions experts on 1800 668 786.

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